Email Marketing Tips That Can Help Grow Your Client Bases And Contacts!

Here are some quick tips to help you improve your email open rate.

1. Short Headlines

People receive hundreds of emails every day, it’s hard to keep track. Every email gets skimmed, really fast. If your subject is long, it probably won’t be read at all. If the subject is not read, there is no way your email will be opened. Therefore, a short subject line is necessary. How short? Typically less than 7 words.

2. There should be ONE target

There should not be more than 1 call to action. Your target should be to have the reader do just one thing. For instance, you could have the reader to read the blog, buy the product, etc. It is your job to make the Call to Action as simple as possible. Provide the link for the product in the email so that the reader could just click on it to reach the buy page. ONE simple target, always wins.

3. Email Marketing should look good on Mobile

More and more people are now reading their business and personal emails on their mobiles. Emails that are not optimized for mobile often open up as ugly bits and pieces on their mobiles. This may lead them to mark your email as spam. You should always make sure that every email that you send looks good on mobile, in fact, the emails should be built for the mobiles first, since that’s where most emails are read in the first place.

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