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Benjamin Marc proved its supreme skill and further solidified its stellar reputation for designing some New York’s most innovative and noteworthy logos, with the new company logo for Sound Dimensions Plus.

Based out of Syosset, Long Island, Sound Dimensions Plus specializes in residential and commercial audio and visual design, such as theatre installations and sound systems. They are well known for designing and installing complex, high-end systems. Their expertise, however, does not end there; Sound Dimensions Plus also specializes in providing vehicle installations services, including alarm systems, remote starters, car accessories, and of course, stereo systems. This family-owned-and-run company is dedicated to being a leader in the industry, providing nothing short of the greatest quality work and offering creating upscale, sophisticated audio-visual systems.

Settling for anything short of sheer perfection, Sound Dimensions Plus turned to the best in graphic design, Benjamin Marc, to create a new companysound system logo that is truly dimensional. The new audio and visual company logo captures both the nature of the business and the services offered, as well as its unmatched reputation. Similar to the services and products provided by Sound Dimensions Plus, the new entertainment company logo uses colors and fonts, which give it a sleek and stylish appearance. The black background color highlights the vibrant, red outline and equalizer graphic, while creating a powerful contrast to the silver used in the word “sound.” Speaking of “sound,” this part of the company’s name is emphasized in its large, bold, font, which has been given a three-dimensional look. This color choice and intentional choice in font reflects the intense, pulsating audio of Sound Dimension’s state-of-the-art systems. It was also creatively designed so that the word “SOUND” replicates the booming vibration of speakers.

Benjamin Marc’s incredibly ingenious designers also incorporated a multi-dimensional graphic unlike anything else. Hovering above the company name, is a unique and captivating rendering of a digital sound equalizer. Reflective of the clarity and perfect balance of sound, which Sound Dimensions Plus is notorious for producing, this graphic incorporates the various levels and components normally associated with an equalizer. The equalizer also illustrates the creative ingenuity of both Benjamin Marc’s designers and those at Sound Dimensions Plus, as it was designed to looks like the NYC city skyline, filled with skyscrapers. Overall, the new Sound Dimensions Plus audio and visual logo is undoubtedly captivating, meaningful, and unforgettable, just like the company itself.

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