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Auto Body Shop Shines With Their Updated Look

Benjamin Marc and Bumper Surgeon teamed up to create a fresh, new image for Bumper Surgeon. Bumper Surgeon is an auto body business, located on Long Island, which specializes in automotive repairs, painting, refinishing, and accessory installations. With their primary role being to make old, damaged, and/or boring vehicles look brand new, Bumper Surgeon understands the immense impact a fresh coat of paint or even a detail job can have. Although it transforms the overall appearance of a vehicle, this image also impacts the confidence, success, and feelings of all involved. In fact, your car is often believed to reflect the character, values, and status of the owner. Knowing full-well that appearance speaks volumes and image is everything, the owner of Bumper Surgeon sought out the help of Benjamin Marc and their team of talented graphic designers to revitalize Bumper Surgeon's image, with a new automotive company logo.

Bumper Surgeon's company logo is interesting, fun, and incredibly unique. Benjamin Marc worked together throughout the design process to ensure the new auto body logo design reflected the type of work the company performs, while representing everything Bumper Surgeon stands for. As a result of the collaborative effort between Bumper Surgeon and Benjamin Marc, the main concept and theme behind the car repair logo was to showcase that Bumper Surgeon are "surgeons," performing emergency and elective "surgeries" or repairs on bumpers and automobiles, in general. Therefore, the primary color used in the auto body logo is a bright red, similar to the red used in emergency signs and hospitals. The word "BUMPER" from the company name is given extra emphasis, not just with the red font, but because it was designed in all capital letters, making it impossible to overlook. Centered in the bottom of the corporate logo, is a red cross, that which is typically associated with first aid, to further carries out the theme of emergency and repairs. Benjamin Marc's innovative designers created the main portion of the car repair logo design to serve several purposes. First, it was customized to look like the front, grill of a car, again, mostly in bright red. However, in the center, is a circle, which looks similar to where the manufacturers logo would be placed. This helps to convey the message that Bumper Surgeon specializes in bumpers and auto body. Within the circle, is an ingenious graphic of a car, with a mint-colored surgical mask, symbolic of the fact that Bumper Surgeon is like a car doctor and surgeon. This carefully designed graphic clearly depicts the type of services Bumper Surgeon provides, while it also reflects their expert talent and creativity, and friendly, charismatic personality

Auto Body Logo Design

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