Updated Logo Design Concept for Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Co.



Benjamin Marc produced yet another incredible logo. This time, the client, National, was greeted with a logo that is utterly spotless, shining in every which way, just like the company.

Based out of Syosset, National is a professional cleaning and maintenance company that provides services for offices, office buildings, professional buildings, and other commercial building. With over 30 years of industry experience, National provides routine cleaning services, such as vacuuming, dusting, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, cleanup, and more. However, their gold-level maintenance services are truly noteworthy. The company’s maintenance and repair services cover everything from air-conditioning systems, plumbing, and electric, as well as installing new floors, painting, wall papering, and installing cabinetry. Everything National Office Cleaning & Maintenance touches, sparkles and this very theme has been displayed meticulously, throughout the company’s new cleaning and maintenance logo.

With the help of carpet cleaning logo design company, Benjamin Marc’s skilled and savvy graphic designers, National's new cleaning and maintenance logo contains several symbolic characteristics, which capture everything this company stands for. The background of the logo is the greatest symbol of all – a shield, which is a replica of police officer’s shield. The meaning is heightened even more so by the blue color, as one of our national colors, as well as a policeman’s uniform (men in blue). In essence, this symbolizes National’s dedication to serve and protect its clients and their property. This shield additionally stands for honor, loyalty and trust, just like National’s reputation.

Benjamin Marc’s designer honed in, even more so, on the finer details, intentionally designing each aspect so the cleaning and maintenance logo would be packed with meaning. The gold broom which stands erect, in the center of the shield, can easily be attributed to National’s main service, cleaning. However, colored in gold, it clearly signifies the company’s gold level performance. Adding to the theme of top-level service and performance, the word “cleaning” is strung across the bottom of the logo shield, on a red ribbon, therefore boasting red ribbon (the winner) services. And to top off what the seemingly endless symbolic detail, the shield appears to be shining, as gold rays shoot from the entire perimeter of the shield. National’s chief goal and priority is to make every account shine, whether it be from a cleaning service or repair job. In the end, make no mistake; every detail was carefully selected by the carpet cleaning logo design company Benjamin Marc who created this masterpiece logo… right down to the national colors (red, white, and blue), sticking with the company’s name “National,” and only to be highlighted with the accents of shimmering gold.

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