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Clean Outlook Cleaning Services is a professional cleaning service, which provides residential cleaning services across Long Island.

Looking to increase business and enhance their professional image, Clean Outlook turned to Benjamin Marc, where they learned success and reputation begins and ends with creating the perfect residential cleaning company logo. Together, Benjamin Marc and Clean Outlook worked together to design a fun, yet effective corporate logo that will undoubtedly bring future success to the residential cleaning company. Benjamin Marc is known for designing some of the most distinguished company logo in New York, but when they teamed up with Clean Outlook Cleaning Services, the end result was a residential cleaning logo that is sure to make both companies shine. Clean Outlook’s corporate logo is comprised of a combination of colors, including blues, purples, which give the service business logo character and life, while representing the fun, vibrant, and cheerful personality of the company and its employees. Amongst some of the company’s values, ensuring their staff is friendly, in addition to professional, is one of the most important.

Benjamin Marc’s designers incorporated several details, which captures the nature of Clean Outlook’s business, in a clear, yet artistic manner. The most evident of all is that the design incorporates a graphic of a broom sweeping away dirt and dust, just as Clean Outlook’s promises to sweep away all of the dirt so you can come home to a fresh, clean home. The residential cleaning logo also highlights the company’s commitment and dedication to ensuring their clients’ homes sparkle and shine, by adding little stars in the company name. Clean Outlook’s company name was also intentionally chosen to be designed in white, symbolic of purity and perfection, in effort to emphasize the fact that they will stop at nothing to ensure their customers’ homes are clean and sanitary.

This business logo undoubtedly displays the company’s services, values, and professional image. However, it also manages to be a “breath of fresh air,” with hints of color and a font style that give it a carefree, fun, and bubbly personality. Clean Outlook Cleaning Services now has a business logo that is memorable and will play an important role in the future success of the company. SM Cleaning services is known for providing Long Island and New York with the highest quality professional cleaning services around. Offering professional cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers, SM Cleaning Services offers a comprehensive list of services, tailored to meet the needs of all types of customers. From schedule house cleaning, seasonal services, and cleaning for moves, to deep cleaning services post extermination or construction and even bed bug cleaning, there is no job they can’t handle. Recently, in effort to grow their company and put their mark on the industry, SM Cleaning Services teamed up with Benjamin Marc to create a one-of-a-kind house cleaning logo that is sure to brand the company.

Benjamin Marc’s designers worked together with the owner of SM Cleaning Services to design a corporate logo that showcases the dynamic and professional nature of the company. One of the most valued beliefs, which resonates throughout the company, services, and personnel is that of blending both modern and traditional ways. They believe in providing the backbreaking, elbow-grease cleaning approach of the traditional world that left no corner untouched, while incorporating the needs and adaptations of the modern world. As a result, Benjamin Marc incorporated an adorable cartoon graphic of a young woman wearing the traditional maid uniform and who holds a mop. This also serves to provide a crystal clear message regarding the nature of the business. Integrating the old and the new continues with the choice in colors used throughout the cleaning logo. The main colors used within the cleaning service logo are blue and orange. While this may not immediately ring a bell, blue and orange are most commonly known to be the colors of New York and even Long Island. Thus the color choice is not just intriguing and different, but it sticks to the traditional values and pride in the state.

By way of graphics, SM Cleaning Services’ newly desined logo incorporates an interesting flair. The SM is not only designed with two different shades of blue, but it was done so quite carefully and intentionally, so that it appears to be so clean, it shines. In order to add an extra emphasis on SM Cleaning Services’ commitment to offering the highest quality cleaning services, with incredible attention to detail, a sparkling star was added to the end, promising your place will spark when SM is through. And for that incredibly unique “wow factor,” Benjamin Marc’s designers added beautiful image of a city skyline, which is place in the skyline of the house cleaning logo. This showcases and fortifies the fact that SM Cleaning Services offers their professional expertise for both residential and commercial customers. Ultimately, SM Cleaning Services now has a company logo that is the perfect visual and graphic.

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