New graphic design for children's clothing line.



A Unique and Trendy Little Logo.

Clothing logo design company, Benjamin Marc is excited to have completed and displayed one of its most recent client logo design for Trendy Little Monsters Children’s Boutique. Using the company’s signature colors of green, black, and blue, the company’s name was creating using three different fonts, all uniquely different to portray the company’s unique array of trendy clothing.

“Trendy Little” is a fancy, curly-q font in green, while “Monsters” stands out in a simple, linear-based font. To top off the company’s clothing logo name, “Children’s Boutique” boasts the calming blue of the company’s color scheme, but has been intentionally designed smaller in size, so as not to draw attention from the central company name. However, this strategic boutique logodesign is also meant to capture and symbolize the age of Trendy Little Monster’s audience – little ones… or children. The Trendy Little Monsters Children’s Boutique logo, however, boasts much more than the creative use of color and fonts for the company’s name. In effort to capture the true essence of this up and coming children’s boutique, Benjamin Marc’s designers collaborated with the owners of the company to create and design a clothing logo like no other. Playing off of the company name, the designers created a monster-like eyeball out of the “O” in “Monsters,” immediately setting it apart from other clothing or boutique logos.

However, the part of the store logo that is truly eye-catching and almost sucks the viewer in, is what can be considered the company’s mascot or character. Again, using the trademark color combination for fluency and consistency, Benjamin Marc’s designers created an adorably, trendy, child-like frog-monster. Sporting a hat whose brim sits just behind the little frog-monsters appendage-like eyeballs, consumers are immediately told this boutique sells accessories. Designers also dressed the little frog-boy in black and white plaid shirt, topped by a green, button-down cardigan, cartoonish jeans, and brown shoes that play the line between casual and formal. While sticking within the color scheme, this little monster proves to be handsome, adorable, and confident with his poise and smile, as he is dressed head-to-toe in trendy clothes. This surely sends the message that your child will feel confident in their Trendy Little Monsters clothes.

Unfortunately for the designers, they were not able to capture the true essence of their design-idea drawing it on the computer. However, Benjamin Marc is known for going above and beyond to guarantee each and every client the best services around. Therefore, to ensure its client was provided only top-of-the-line logo services, their designers took a different approach… HAND DRAWING and HAND COLORING this trendy little monster. It may have taken more time, but clothing logo design company, Benjamin Marc and its designers are truly loyal to their clients, dedicated to their work, and would rather take the long route than cut corners. Without a doubt, Benjamin Marc hit a grand slam in the design of Trendy Little Monsters Children’s Boutique Logo.

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