Benjamin Marc is proud to showcase a brand new, innovative, and dazzling logo for one of our stellar clients.

The Jazzy Collection is a full-service dance costume company, which specializing in everything from the design and manufacturing of these costumes, to the retail end, as well. The world of dance competitions has been completely revolutionized within the last ten to fifteen years, with an overwhelming emphasis of routines and the scoring process lying on costume design. This incredible demand calls for incredible measures, which is where The Jazzy Collection steps in. Embracing this change, The Jazzy Collection partnered with our talented dance school logo design company to revolutionize their image and take the industry by storm.

If there was one thing The Jazzy Collection wanted from their dance costume logo, it was for the image to look like graphic explosion of beauty; they wanted their company dance logo to be thrilling and somehow mesmerizing. Benjamin Marc’s unbelievably talented and innovative designers came up with a dancing logo that not only guarantees to catch your attention, but has become the physical, graphic representation of The Jazzy Collection and everything it offers. This one-of-a-kind dance costume logo, consists mainly of a spectrum of purple, ranging from pops of neon purple to deep plums for accent and shading. The colors, which also blend some light, simple shades of pinks was chosen very carefully in order to represent the flair and arresting power the company embodies, as well as all of the costumes it creates. The strikingly large “JAZZY,” although in fairly simple capitalized, blocked letters, are far for ordinary, which is yet another promise the company makes of its costumes. Accented with dozens of shimmering and glimmering stars symbolize the companies commitment and dedication to produce the jazziest and most unique costumes around. They will be bold, extravagant, sparkling, and pack the exact punch you need for your students and number.

Leaving the punch and power where it belongs, The Jazzy Collection’s dance costume logo, is subtly accentuation by a very small, black “THE” located over the gorgeous and vibrant J. Likewise, the word “COLLECTION” is muted down, designed in a very simple, skinny font which is runs parallel to and just below the word “JAZZY.” Like costumes and dance routines themselves, there is a necessity for certain elements to be subtle, in effort to accentuate and counterbalance the intensity of the most important parts of a routine and the same goes for costumes. The Jazzy Collection’s new company dance costume logo promises a complete transformation of your dancers and your routines, when you use the company. From stock-orders to custom designs, as proven by The Jazzy Collection’s logo itself, your school, dancers, and routine, are guaranteed to be glamorous and captivating… all you have to do is leave it up to The Jazzy Collection.

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