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Benjamin Marc recently helped give a fitness apparel company a new professional image; fun, interesting and brand new company gym logo. S & D Sportswear is a specialty retail and distribution company for women’s fitness apparel as well as screen-printing, which has an incredibly stellar reputation for carrying and distributing the highest quality and most fashionable fitness clothing on the market. While individuals love fitness, others consider it a dreadful chore. Either way, S & D Sportswear has always believed that a woman should be able to look and feel great while working out or playing a sport. That is why the company makes it a priority to carry keep up with the most current trends and ensures they carry all of the latest fashions. Understanding the importance of appearance and the endless transformation in fashion, S & D Sportswear decided it was time for a company transformation. Hiring only the best there is, S & D Sportswear looked to Benjamin Marc and their team of innovative designers to help give the company fresh makeover, transforming their company gym logo design and professional presence.

In their endeavor to design a company sportswear logo that is a representation of the company, Benjamin Marc began by incorporating a few of S & D Sportswear’s primary beliefs. Amongst one of the most important of their values is to carry and sell apparel that helps to support and embrace a woman’s femininity. For this reason, the clothing logo is comprised of various gradient shades of magenta, purple, and turquoise. The “S & D” is a unique, creative, and intertwining blend of all three colors. The fitness apparel logo also sends the message that women should be proud of their curves, as the “S & D” font is curvy and round, symbolizing feminine curves. The font and colors also look to be twisting, which captures the true essence of the company’s apparel – guaranteeing comfort regardless of how much one bends or twists. On a final note, to further showcase their understanding of how fashion is constantly changing and to prove their steadfast dedication to keep up with the times, the apparel and fitness logo is designed using three different fonts. The variety of fonts and colors also showcases S & D Sportswear’s understanding that everyone has different styles and tastes. Though a seemingly simple logo, with exception to color and font, Benjamin Marc effectively captured the core S & D Sportswear’s mission, while giving them a one-of-a-kind facelift and fresh start.

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