New Logo is no Junk!, Check out new graphic for junk removal business on Long Island



When it comes to versatility, Benjamin Marc is by far the leader in their unique designs and diverse array of clients. Once again, the talented and creative designers at Benjamin Marc were not only put to the test, but passed with flying colors, as they took on creating a new company logo and image for 1-855-JUNK-THAT.

Owner of this waste removal company, Matt, turned to Benjamin Marc in effort to revamp the company’s image and make a statement while doing so.

1-855-JUNK-THAT is a specialty waste removal company that caters to both residential and commercial clients. Their comprehensive services allow current and prospective clients to arrange scheduled pick-ups for large items, which are not accepted in recycling pick-ups by local sanitation services. 1-855-JUNK-THAT most common pickups are for household and office furniture, appliances, televisions, construction materials, sheds, carpets, mattresses, pools and pool equipment, and other electronic items. Large, bulky items, such as these are all-too-often, unnecessarily thrown out in the regular trash and therefore become hazardous to our environment. It is 1-855-JUNK-THAT’s mission to provide services that will help create a clean, more environmentally friendly tomorrow. To help convey that message and promote the company’s services, Benjamin Marc’s designers created a company waste removal logo that screams, “recycle” and “go green”! Keeping in line with those concepts, the waste management logo is primarily all green, emphasizing the nature of the company’s services, as well as conveying the message to recycle, yet it manages to be interesting as various shades of color are used. A black background was chosen to provide a backdrop that makes the green of the logo pop-out and demand attention. Just when you would think there couldn’t be much left by the way of creativity, as far as recycling goes, Benjamin Marc manages to prove that wrong. Above the bold, capitalized company name is a graphic of a green globe, sporting latitude and longitude lines. The recycling logo graphic specifically showcases the continent of North America, specific to 1-855-JUNK-THAT’s location. However, overall, it is symbolic of the concept of promoting a clean earth. Taking the concept a step further, using the themed color combination of Kelly green and lime green are three arrows, which wrap themselves around the globe (earth), taking on the form of the recycle symbol. And one final, yet adorably imaginative detail which was incorporated, in order to stress the nature of the company’s services, is a crumpled ball of paper acting as the dot, in the exclamation point which follows the company name 1-855-JUNK-THAT!

Benjamin Marc unmistakably proved itself to be one of the most innovative and ingenious logo design companies around with 1-855-JUNK-THAT’s waste removal company logo. It is professional, captivating, and memorable. However, what makes it is noteworthy is that this recycling company logo is the perfect representation of how a simple color scheme and simple graphics can be transformed into a stunning, artistic and meaningful masterpiece. 1-855-JUNK-THAT’s business has since grown greatly, as a direct result of their amazing new waste removal logo and company image.

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