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Our team knows how often business owners overlook the purpose of signs and their overall impact. Long Island sign company, Benjamin Marc understands that signage in whatever form they come is one of the most critically important elements. It can also play a vital role in a company’s reputation, as well as the success of a business. With that being said, the design and creation of your store front sign should not be taken lightly and it is essential to make sure the firm you hire to design and produce it is experienced and trustworthy.

Benjamin Marc specializes in the production of signs for our clientele who seemingly come from all walks of life, with businesses in the most diverse array of industries. We have worked with contractors of all kinds, including landscapers, masons, asphalt pavers, roofers, plumbers, and more. As different as our clients are, each with their own visions and requirements, they all want the same thing – a sign that is EFFECTIVE!

Our graphic designers are based in Suffolk County and can create custom signs & vinyl banners, Magnets, Coroplast (Job site), Real Estate, Political, Store Front Lightboxes, as well as Lettering Cars, Truck & Vans. For more questions please feel free to call Benjamin Marc today or email us info@benjaminmarc.com.

There are a lot of Sign Companies on Long Island, why use Benjamin Marc?

Some examples:

  • Corrugated (Jobsite) - particularly for the landscaping, masonry & construction industry.
  • Magnets (All shapes and sizes) - All shapes and sizes, for the sides of vehicles, refrigerators, and more.
  • Real Estate -To be placed in front of a home for sale or one that has just sold.
  • Car, Van & Truck Lettering - For cars, vans, trucks, and even for windows. Great for displaying phone numbers, emails, and more!
  • Vinyl & Banners - Such as those found at public events and those that line fences for advertising purposes
  • Political -These come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to endure weather conditions
  • Lawn -Those placed on lawns to showcase and advertise the contractor who is working at the site or who did the job. These are often seen used by paving companies, masons, and roofing companies.
  • Aluminum - Put outside of businesses, with either the company name or logo, or oftentimes to designate parking, rules/regulations, surveillance, and more.
  • Plastic - These are used for both indoor and outdoor use, ranging from displaying a company name and logo, bathroom, notices, rules/regulations.
  • Store Front
  • Commercial
  • Outdoor
  • Light box
  • Custom

Can Benjamin Marc create signs for outside of my business?

You bet! All you have to do is provide us with the logo, colors, font, and the information you would like on it. We can use pre-existing logos for your signs or you can have our designers create brand new ideas. If you need a logo designed, ask your project manager about our logo design services.

Does Benjamin Marc print, produce, or sell standard signs?

Long Island Sign Company, Benjamin Marc can print anything for you. Whether it is standard or custom designed, we can do it. We have many customers that have ordered parking signs for their company parking lots and garages, which are “standard.” However, we also create personalized signs for many businesses and corporations, as well.

Can you duplicate a sign if I bring it to you?

Because Benjamin Marc custom designs everything to meet the needs of our clients, it is very likely we can replicate a sign of yours. There are some factors such as the material and colors of the original sign, which we may not be able to match, exactly, but our designers will do everything possible.

Why do I need a sign for my business?

Without having a sign outside your business, your company is basically nameless and faceless. Placing a sign outside your business is not only helpful for locating it, but it puts your company’s name and logo out there for the public to see. The more visible your name and logo is, the more curiosity sparked, and the more business generated. Depending upon the nature of your business and the services you offer, placing signs outside of your jobsites is a tremendously helpful marketing strategy, as well. Those who pass by and notice great work is being done on a neighbor’s house may very well use your services if and when they need them.

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