The digital age is seeing the birth of new companies every day and it is also causing many existing businesses to rethink their marketing strategies. For many small and medium agencies, the ability to thrive via word of mouth and other more basic marketing activities has helped them build their business. Offering solid products and services and backing them up with excellent customer service are the foundation of every business. But, sooner or later, you have to build a larger marketing footprint.

For Smoov Transit, a small trucking and hauling company in northern New Jersey, the building of the company is the ongoing effort but the reality that they needed to start branding themselves is also a concern. The goal of any company is to grow and at the very early stages that are at, chasing the dream is 110% of the job. But they acknowledge that the image of the company must be there from the beginning is what drove them to seek out the most basic of marketing tools and branding necessities, a trucking logo specific for their company. When the owner of Smoov Transit looked around the area to see who was creating the most eye-catching and innovative truck logo design, the name that kept popping up was Benjamin Marc. When he contacted the team at Benjamin Marc and discussed his goals, his current situation and what his future plans were, the responsive nature of the Benjamin Marc team assured him that he was working with graphic design professionals who could help him. The key for any company starting up is to know what they need to know and acknowledge what they do not know and seek out those who can help in those areas. For the owner of Smoov Transit, he knew he did not know branding and marketing so he needed a company who could guide him in these areas, as what he did know was that a trucking logo was vital. After discussing his company and his vision for what the Smoov Tranist brand was, the truck logo design company, Benjamin Marc team got to work.

The resulting trucking logo represents the essence of the brand and their owner’s vision. The logo, based on strong tones of blue, silver, black and white, presents a bold image of what Smoov Transit is. A reliable, strong transportation and hauling company that is eager to make its mark on the New Jersey and greater New York metro region. The trucking company logo radiates the confidence and determination of the company’s owner and the overall logo design is one that can be used not only on the sides of the trucks but also on any marketing materials that may be used going forward. This is especially true when Smoov Transit takes the next step and builds an online presence where the trucking company logo will truly shine.

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