PARTY LIKE A GOD – The evolution of a deity for the worship of good times

Whether it is through personal experience, living vicariously through others or media representations, a good party looks like it is easy to pull together.

Party Supply Logo Designer All you need is a location, some refreshments and thumping music and you are done. But are you? That is the very question that the people at would like to answer. Starting their company in 2013, based on a need they perceived from many parties attended over the years, Sean and his team wanted to not only start a company to fill those needs but to establish a business presence that would grow into a phenomenon. But as the wheels of progress spun they also realized they needed to have what would become an iconic image the customers would easily associate with their company. In short, they needed a party logo. With an idea in mind for a fun party logo, they spoke to many graphics logo companies to find someone who understood their vision and could help give their company an identity. They found that partner in Benjamin Marc. As Sean related it, the Party Like A God logo needed to reflect the same presence that ancient Greek and Roman gods presented in the many statues found in museums. Alternatively, the party logo needed to be somewhat light-hearted in conveying that the God of Partying would be the answer to their prayers for a successful event. With these elements and some ideas of their own, the team at Benjamin Marc got to work to create a party logo that would be easily recognizable. Sean also expressed that the party logo would be screen printed on clothing and apparel. After a number of test designs a party logo started to take shape. The Party God looks like he would be just as comfortable on Mount Olympus as he would at a rave. Wrapped in a toga while sporting a pair of wayfarer sunglasses, the Party God is represented in black & white. The stark representation evokes the marble statues found in museums, projecting power and omnipotence. But with a splash of colour he appears ready for fun, mirrored disco ball on one shoulder and a red solo cup in his hand. On closer investigation the Party God’s face on the logo has a smirk that seems to demand the best party ever.

When presented with this fun party logo, the Party Like A God team had their man. As they continue to grow and promote their business, their Party God is ready to represent them not only on their web properties but in advertising and on supplies they sell that are branded with their party business logo. All that remains is for the Party God to join the other members on the Mount Olympus of branding, where all will know that the party has arrived.

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