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Smithtown Auto Body Shop, Frankie M’s

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Smithtown Auto Body Shop, Frankie M’s

Often times we get the privilege of working with clients on several projects. For Smithtown Auto Body Shop, Frankie M’s we did just that. Recently they were looking for a complete re launch of their current brand. Frankie M’s owner contacting auto body web design & logo specialist, Benjamin Marc for this task. When we took the project on we started off with the auto body logo design that came out simply amazing. We used 3 colors, Black, Navy & Powder Blue. Our logo design experts also sketched a custom car to take the graphic to a whole new level.

Next, Frankie M’s wanted to order all new clothing and apparel with the screen printed logo. Our screen printing team got to work on their t-shirts, hats, jackets, sweatshirts and promotional items. Some of the promotional items consisted of stress balls, pens, business cards and more.

Finally, it was time to build the flagship website & start an SEO campaign. Being an expert auto body web design programmer, Benjamin Marc’s goal was to make this website very user friendly. Most of the visitors that come to Frankie M’s website are going through an auto body accident so stress is already high. We wanted to focus on making the website as east as possible and provide the most information we can. We achieved that goal tremendously and are now starting the search engine optimization plan to boost Frankie M’s on the search engines for his desired keywords.

Frankie M’s Auto Body is located 419 West Main Street, Smithtown NY 11787. Right in the❤️ of Smithtown. With years of experience Frankie M’s is an expert in:


Smithtown Auto Body Shop, Frankie M’s

For more information see below:

Frankie M’s
Phone: (631) 265-0700
419 West Main Street,
Smithtown NY 11787