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The real estate marketplace in the Metro-New York region is probably one of the most profitable and competitive in the entire United States.

Commercial real estate aside, residential real estate is extremely challenging not only in terms of the number of properties but the types of properties and all that goes into working within the overall marketplace. To set one’s business apart from the competition is difficult enough but when you add in some of the large national realtors that are prevalent in the region, having a unique image is vital so that potential buyers and sellers see the name they can easily make the connection.

Part of the branding of any realty business is the logo or web design, with its multiple uses on both in the digital and traditional marketing opportunities, which can be a critical touchstone for the people whose business you are seeking to capture. Working with a company, like Real Estate Logo Design Company, Benjamin Marc, that knows the Metro-New York realty market and understands the competitive nature is a big plus when it comes to branding or re-branding efforts. Two of our business logo designs that we are proudest of were created for the realty market.

First is New Bridge Realty, who came to us with a vision for a real estate logo that combined their name and tag line with a compelling image that people could relate to. As the New York skyline is famous for its many bridges, using a bridge tied together not only the name and the tag line (‘The Bridge to your Dreams’) but it also captured the evocative image off the New York Bridges that has meant different things to different people. Whether it was the bridges to New York City and its exciting world of hustle and bustle or the bridges from New York City to the suburban splendor of Long Island, Westchester of New Jersey, people have viewed bridges as their path to a new life. Second is Town & Country Homes of Long Island, whose goal was to have a residential logo that speaks to the idea of peaceful surroundings. By combining a classic text font that spoke of simplicity and elegance along with an artistic representation of a dove, the symbol of peace, the real estate logo design is one that not only communicates the mission of the company but also can be used in a variety of applications where its clean, powerful imagery will enhance everything from letterhead to apparel. Most importantly, when used on the physical signs place on properties being offered, the real estate dedicatedlogo present as a symbol of the peaceful nature of the property itself.

Through these logos, Real Real Estate Logo Design Company, Benjamin Marc exhibits a solid grasp on the commercial and residential realty marketplace, allowing them to work with various realtors to define their brand visually. We look forward to working with more realty brands throughout the Metro-New York region and developing their commercial or residential real estate logos.

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