School Security & Safety Gets New Identity!



Benjamin Marc launched a new logo for local security company, Covert Investigations & Security.

Covert Investigations and Security, located in Suffolk County, provides the highest quality safety and security services and programs for numerous school districts across Long Island. This security and investigation company was initially founded upon over 20 years of NYPD experience in its background and has provided their elite services to local Long Island schools and districts for over a decade, now. In addition to Covert Investigations understanding how deeply important every detail is to safety and security, they also know that appearance and visual weighs very heavily in cases and the success of the company. Therefore, owner and President of Covert Investigations, Donald R. Flynn, chose only the best there is to design the company’s new security logo. Covert Investigations & Security teamed up with Benjamin Marc to create a new investigations and security logo that conveys the elite professionalism of the company, as well as their intense commitment to providing the highest quality security and safety services.

On the most basic of levels, Covert Investigations new security company logo still manages to be incredibly strong and powerful. First and foremost, though the security logo appears simple, being a circle, it was designed to look like a shield. Just as police officers have shields, symbolic of their duty and promise to serve and protect, Covert Investigations and all of those within the company have made it their mission to serve and protect their client school districts, the schools, school grounds, personnel, and all students within. Designed with a solid black background, often associated with secrecy, the color reflects the covert part of the company name, as well as some of their operations. The black background also emphasizes the other color used in the decurity and investigations logo, gold, creating a stark contrast of colors and ensuring the gold pops out. Without a doubt, Covert Investigations & Security pops out amongst any and all competitors, providing gold level services for all clients.

The details within the shield logo are reflective of Covert Investigations & Security’s beliefs and missions. In addition to the company name, the largest and most emphasized graphic in the logo is that of a gold bald eagle. The bald eagle is also the national bird and symbolizes freedom, power, and nationalism. Within that is also the concept of protecting the country, therefore representative of Covert Investigations’ devout dedication to protecting our country, by protecting our schools. To the right of the eagle there is a graphic of a surveillance camera, representing the surveillance aspect of the company’s duties. It also conveys the message that they are always watching. Finally, on the left side of the eagle is an open schoolbook, symbolic of Covert Investigations commitment to keeping our students and schools safe and secure. This company security logo is professional, powerful, and successfully represents Covert Investigations & Security as the elite, security experts they are.

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