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This specialty company not only sells state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment, but also refurbished equipment that has been fixed to work like new. In addition, they also have a staff of highly trained, expert engineers who perform preventative maintenance services, emergency repairs, and upgrades. Because the nature of their business is to provide comprehensive services on medical equipment, which is critical to the evaluating, assessing, and diagnosing the health of thousands of patients, Ultrasounds Solutions settles for nothing short of absolute perfection. In effort to exhibit their dedication and professional expertise, Ultrasound Solutions hired Benjamin Marc to create a corporate ultrasound logo design that says it all.

When creating a business ultrasound logo for a client in the medical field, there is much less room for creativity, as graphics and images are not considered acceptable. However, this doesn’t mean that a medical logo cannot be an interesting and memorable symbolic representation of the company. Ultrasound Solutions’ logo is the perfect example of how less is more. This medical logo is simple in many aspects, including in color scheme, as it only incorporates blue and green. However, the color choice gives the business logo character and power, as it is a unique combination. While there is an array of colors used, the blue and green happen to reflect two of the most prominent colors used in ultrasound diagnostic imaging.

Benjamin Marc’s designers also displayed how the tiniest details can have the most powerful effects. The font used for the main word “Ultrasound” was chosen very carefully. Being all capitals, the font emphasizes the word and offers a more severe impact on the viewer. Additionally, this font appears to look like a more digital, technological font, representative of the modern, hi-tech equipment sold and services provided by the company. Finally, to give the logo a distinctive look, which also functions as a symbolic detail, the innovative designers from Benjamin Marc incorporated a wavelike line, which runs through and weaves in and out of the letters within the word “Ultrasound.” Not only does it serve to add an interesting detail to the equipment company logo, it is also symbolic of ultrasound waves, which go through the body in diagnostic imaging. Ultrasound Solutions company logo is simple, yet effective. It is quite evident that there was a great amount of thought and detail put into the logo because even though it could not be designed to be an artistic masterpiece, it still has its own unique traits and character. Ultrasound Solutions ‘equipment business logo showcases the elite, professional aspects of the company, as required in the medical industry, while guaranteeing to be memorable.

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