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E-Mail Advertising

Benjamin Marc will tell you why direct mail and email marketing is important to your business or personal use.

Reach millions of homes and businesses with our Long Island direct mail marketing campaigns. We take the burden off of you by doing all the work. First our graphic design department will design & printing the marketing material of your choice, then we gather a list that pin-points the homes or businesses you want to target, third we mail them.

Email Blasting

Email marketing is one of the best ways to send promotional material, news announcements, press, products and more to a large number of people. It is a live and an effective method of marketing. It is important to note that spamming is outlawed and therefore there is a need to uphold the ethics of email blasting. Spamming can be defined as the habit of sending emails to many people at random with promotional content that is not worth the effort. Email marketing is meant to build and strengthen relationship with your clients. For one to achieve high email open rates and response rates you need to follow some of the best email practices and delivering only products or services that have interest.

One of the main advantages of email marketing is that it enables the sender to communicate in a direct way with potential customers as long as you are provided with their e-address. You can harvest e-mails by placing a free offer on your website such as e-books. You can also collect e-mails from the comment section of your blog or website.

One of the ways of approaching customers with email marketing is auto-responding e-mails. They are a series of pre-written and which are sent out in a sequence automatically. It is important to ensure such emails are written with a personal tone and do not make your clients feel like they are dealing with robots.

It is important to note that e-mail marketing like other methods of Internet marketing is a mix of an art and science. If well designed, email marketing can produce optimal results.

Keeping in constant contact with your Long Island customers through email may bring potential new customers and also refresh the minds of your old customers through our Long Island email blasting plans. We gather email addresses and combine them with your list of addresses and email blast them with your upcoming events and specials.

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