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Designing a brand image that resonates with consumers and stands out on crowded retail shelves is an art form that transcends the ordinary. Enter Benjamin Marc, a Long Island packaging graphic design company. Our talented graphic design professionals, marketing experts, and brand managers will help create your product packaging.

The design of packaging has shifted from primarily informative to strongly brand and consumer-focused. With innovation at its core, packaging design has the remarkable ability to capture the essence of a product and convey brand messages without the necessity of words. Packaging is not just a physical entity but a digital touchpoint as well, with QR codes and social media integration the possibilities are endless. There a lot of factors to consider when looking for the best package design agency in New York. Our team is confident we can deliver the results you are looking for!

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Before design even begins, understanding the brand is paramount.

Design Process

What are the brand's core values?


Who is the target audience?


What makes the brand unique?

NYC & Long Island Package Design Company, Benjamin Marc

Packaging serves as your silent salesperson on the retail floor. It’s often the first point of physical contact a consumer has with your brand, therefore it plays a pivotal role in differentiating the product and influencing purchase decisions. Long Island Package Design Company, Benjamin Marc takes the time to understand our clients products and services before beginning your project.

Impact on Consumer Perception

The design elements on a package communicate more than just the product details. It tells a story, convey emotions, and create a perception that consumers can relate to. A well-crafted packaging graphic design can communicate brand value, quality, and the intended customer experience.

Effect on Purchasing Behavior

Eye-tracking studies have consistently shown that packaging significantly influences the decision-making process. Elements like color, typography, logo design, and imagery can create a sense of urgency or a feeling of “must-have” that is essential for conversion.

Principles of Effective Packaging Graphic Design

Packaging design is not just about aesthetics. Practical considerations such as the material’s durability and protective properties must be incorporated into the design without compromising beauty. it should seamlessly integrate with other brand assets such as web design, social media marketing, and other media. The use of typography can make or break a design. Visual hierarchy ensures that critical information is readily visible, guiding the consumer through the messaging in a structured manner. Whether you are looking for a packaging design agency in NYC or Long Island, New York we are here to help!

What types of package design services do we offer?

  • Cosmetic Products
  • Coffee Cups
  • Food Products
  • Candy
  • Hand Lotion Bottles
  • Pet Food
  • Shopping Bags
  • Gift Bags
  • Glassed & Mugs
  • Body Lotion Bottles
  • Beer Bottle
  • Beer Can
  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Liquor Bottles
  • Cookie Boxes
  • Donut Boxes

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