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Content Management Systems are applications that were originally designed and used by individuals and organizations to set up websites based solely on posting to blogs. Benjamin Marc is a Long Island content management system web design company that can create, design and modify these websites to fit your needs. While a level of technical know-how helps in creating sites with applications, updating the website once they are established is as easy as typing a word document or cutting and pasting content from one document to another. For many companies that wish to have a high level of control over their website, this design is ideal.

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  • For many years, Long Island CMS web developer, Benjamin Marc has been designing websites based on these applications for those clients who wish to post content and updates to their sites themselves. There are many benefits such as, business owners can be more agile and efficient in getting information out to their customers with the ability to post information directly to the site. If there is a sudden change such as a sale or any news about the company a simple post to the website can alert prospective customers rapidly. Second, search engines love fresh content and will reward websites that add fresh it regularly. Third, if your company does social media marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn, your site can be designed so that each new post of information automatically goes out to your social media accounts as it is published. This efficiency ensures that your messaging is going out to the largest possible audience right away.
    Another benefit to wordpress web design is that it provides businesses with some interesting back office benefits. The system regularly offers application software updates so your site will always be running on the latest platform version. Also, with top flight SEO plug-ins available, your site will be optimized for the best possible search engine ranking. For those who like to track the effectiveness of their website performance and content effectiveness, WordPress integrates seamlessly with Google & Bing Analytics so that you are always aware of how your site is performing.Some other key features to having these platforms are:
    • Adding pictures and videos
    • Social media integration
    • Adding pages & blog posts
    • Databases and more

    So, if you are a business likes a do it yourself approach to updating your website while still having the very best technical support & design excellence, call Long Island content management system web designer, Benjamin Marc.