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Benjamin Marc WAY.

How we work

In today’s business world there is an astonishing emphasis on graphic design unlike ever before. With the relentless scrutiny of business appearance and the now critical importance of an online presence, Benjamin Marc has been helping Long Islanders with their designs, since 2006. However, there are still an incredible number of individuals and businesses that have no idea what to do, how to do it, or even where to start. Benjamin Marc’s team of expert designers, website developers & search engine marketing strategists allows us to offer our clients designs, products, and services that are unique, captivating, and most importantly, effective.

Based in Lake Grove, NY
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Benjamin Marc’s design services are 100% customized tailored to the clients needs, ideas, hopes, intentions, and budget, everything we do is specially designed and one-of-a-kind. Therefore, while much of the process is similar, on a general level, the design process can alter or vary, according to the particular circumstances. Benjamin Marc stops at nothing to guarantee our clients are satisfied in all design cases; we strive for having long lasting relationships with our customers.

The Process

Our Work Process

  • Your project manager and personal designer will work with you each step of the way, in order to create the perfect logo, graphic, or website.
  • You will be asked a list of questions regarding your ideas, needs, and the nature of your business.
  • You and our designers, you will decide on the path to take.
  • We will be provided updates
  • Necessary revisions and edits will be made.
  • Once approved, you will receive the final product and be the sole owner of it. Benjamin Marc reserves the right to use all materials for our portfolio.

For website design, the outline of the process is similar, in each case. Initially, you will be asked to provide our designers with necessary information, in order to create a preliminary layout, including:

  • Your logo and slogan
  • Synopsis of your business
  • Number of pages (Homepage, About Us, Services (or individual services), Frequently Asked Questions, and other pages which are specific to your company)
  • Graphics or pictures you would like incorporated
  • Color scheme
  • Additional layout information
  • Content information or the actual written content
  • Do you need the ability to edit the website yourself? Websites can be built using html or a content management system; with html you will need design software to make edits. With content management systems or CMS you do not need any software or any web design skills to maintain it.

Once a preliminary idea and layout has been developed, our designers will create your site. Upon the completion of the first design, you have the ability to make suggestions and changes, as needed.

Your logo is the most important entity for your business, brand, service, or cause. In creating a unique, eye-catching logo that is a perfect representation, you and your project manager will work intimately together. Initially, you will be asked to provide some preliminary information to base the design off of.

  • Name of brand, business, etc.
  • Slogan
  • Overall concept or design (if you have one)
  • Synopsis of what it will represent
  • Colors
  • Words, graphics, or numbers you want incorporated

Our designers will then create a few samples or model designs for you to choose from. At this time you can add as much or as little input as you wish and your designer will then recreate your logo from there.