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Video Marketing.

Long Island Video Marketing & Promotion

If you have a product or service the use of video marketing can be very beneficial. Long Island Video Productions company, Benjamin Marc will show you how effective this method is. Video marketing is a great way of showing people the professionalism of your company. Nowadays social media has made it possible for videos to be watched every minute. Our social media marketing team can post your videos out into several platform gaining more likes and followers. So your videos must be right to the point, catchy and keep the viewer engaged. You can also advertise the video on you company blog & tv promotional spots.

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Video productions is the best way to deliver value to any brand or product sold by a company. Long Island video productions company, Benjamin Marc can take an idea, write a script, hire talent, find copyright free music and more. The final process is shooting and editing.

If you are offering a product, it is ideal in your video production you include product demonstrations. Video Marketing is the latest trend in content marketing, thanks to the viral nature of the video content on social media. Good video content gets shared and viewed by people easily. Keeping the viewer engaged in the video is the job for a video production company.

The Best Long Island Video Productions.


Once you make a good quality video about your product or company, you can literally sit back and watch as people view and share it. A good video takes care of itself for marketing.


Another great You tube feature allows you view behavioral analytics of the audience. This provides deep insights on your prospective customers, so you can better target them.

SEO Benefits

The major search engines show top video results in the first page of the search results. Videos thus enjoy a lower competition compared to web pages when it comes to SEO rankings. Being an SEO company we can optimize the video for all major search engines. Video Marketing is shown to be much more efficient than any other form of content marketing. Top e-commerce companies have publicly stated that traffic coming in via videos are 35% more likely to buy than any other form of traffic. The key to high traffic depends on making good quality videos that offers value to the audience. Check out Benjamin Marc’s you tube page to view our videos