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The time is well upon us and the growing majority of marketing opportunities are migrating to the Internet via social media, news sites and various other websites that offer advertising opportunities. But while digital is the future there are still many opportunities in the more traditional venues of print advertising such ad magazines & newspapers. Go to any store that has a newsstand or a bookstore in any mall and you will still find racks of periodicals and books that are still in print. Additionally, trade publications that are targeted to various business verticals also offer a rich variety of advertising options as well. All represent marketing opportunities that can be the part of a balanced promotional approach. So if you believe you can reach segments of your target market that are not online all the time, Benjamin Marc can help you design an ad for a magazine or news publication.

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Benjamin Marc can take any online ad that is already created and reformat for print use or create new ads that speak to different audiences. The ads can incorporate standard items such as company logos, product descriptions and images, compelling text and vibrant call-to-actions that will draw customer to the ad and contacting you. Coupon and discount codes can also be included for very specific calls to action as well. Other elements that can be added to the layout to integrate digital marketing with the print ad such as QR codes, social media addresses and corporate website addresses (with or without ad specific landing pages). Ads can be produced in either black & white, 4-color or both so that you will have print ready artwork regardless of if the placement is in a local newspaper or a regional or national periodical.

For a synchronized look and feel for your advertising efforts, ads that are created for print can be derived from electronic ads and vice versa. For companies looking to maintain a linear corporate feel, this may be a highly attractive option that Benjamin Marc is more than happy to work with you on. Benjamin Marc can also work as your liaison with the publications you advertise in, uploading artwork directly to an FTP site or sending via e-mail.

So while we are moving closer and closer to a 24/7/365 online all the time world, there are still some traditional advertising options that are available to you. Let Benjamin Marc be your one-stop shop for all of your digital and print ad needs.