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The Process.



In order to provide an effective outcome, Long Island SEO Company, Benjamin Marc needs to understand the target audience of each client.


Next, our SEO experts will do extensive research finding the correct keywords & locations that will drive traffic to your website.


Once the research is complete we will present the right search engine optimization plan that is customized for you.


Finally, the keywords, content and analytics are applied to the website. Our next move is to analyze traffic and fine tune it monthly to provide you a return on your investment.

Consider your website like one of your employees, it should be well equipped with all the pertinent information about your services. Long Island SEO Company, Benjamin Marc will market your website so it ranks at the top of the search engines for potential clients browsing the web. Simply building a website is not enough anymore; it must be optimized for ideal search engine performance. Search engine optimization ensures that a website is found when someone is looking for what you are promoting.

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How can an SEO company make an impact to your business?

The correct way to begin an online marketing campaign is to implement the desired keywords within your niche directly on your website. As a web design company we can tell you that this is easy and effective.

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If you don't claim your spot in the search engine, someone else will.



PPC marketing is another fantastic way to promote your products and services.

Can you optimize a website on your own?

Sure, if you have the time and technical skills to build each webpage, optimize the content and do an aggressive link building strategy. Then the answer is yes.

Benjamin Marc is a Suffolk County SEO company that can provide keyword-rich content writing for your website.

How do we set up a digital marketing plan?

The team at Benjamin Marc is passionate about helping their clients succeed. We will customize a strategy to suit the unique needs of your business.

Are you looking to take your business to the next level?

Long Island SEO Company

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With the right mix of content and key phrases the search engines will know how to categorize your website. While continuing a monthly online marketing plan customized by Benjamin Marc, improvements in ranking will steadily increase as time goes on. 

Long Island SEO Company, Benjamin Marc sends a complete data analysis to each client showing their progress each month. If you do not have this capability, and you don’t want a full-time SEO professional on staff, you should contact us. We also stay up to date with the latest developments and algorithms. This ensures our clients that your website is positioned for the highest possible ranking.

With search engine optimization companies on Long Island growing rapidly, our agency takes satisfaction in offering these cutting edge services.

Seo Services

Understanding The Search Engine Optimization Basics

The first step to search engine marketing is to make sure your website is fully functional. In this process we check for content misspellings, grammar, canonical links, 301 redirects, failed 404 pages and missed opportunities for a better visitor experience. Once the website is fully completed we implement a tracking code called Google Analytics. This will tell us how many visitors, the keywords used, and the duration on the website. Google & Bing webmaster tools is another useful instrument that will give an assessment of the website. Webmaster tools is a great way to track progress, crawl statistics, back links as well as functionality.

Benjamin Marc will discuss overall goals that you are looking to achieve with your online marketing campaign. Strong content plays a big role as well as the proper titles and meta descriptions.

The more you know about SEO, the better

Now we are ready to proceed, depending what type of business you are will determine our course of action. We will explain in detail what our monthly plan will be and how it will be executed. Through numerous tools and software you will be able to track our progress as you move up in the search engines. Benjamin Marc has been providing SEO services for several years, and the basics stay the same that a quality product with unique content provides results!

What are the first steps?

In our initial approach we do a full evaluation of your website. As a full service web design company & SEO agency our team will go through each webpage and give our analysis.

What types of businesses do we work with?

Benjamin Marc is proud to work with all types of small to large businesses such as Roofing companies, Dentists, Lawyers and much more.

Step by Step Guide To Optimize Your Website

Ready to get started but still have some questions?

How Do You Optimize Web Pages?

The process of optimizing your web pages can we complex. There are several parts of each web page that should be optimized for the search engines. Here are a few to get you going:

  • Renaming photos to match your desired keywords.
  • Put desired keywords in your Meta Title, Keywords and Description (Keep in mind this should be different for each web page)
  • Develop high quality content that has your desired keywords mentioned on the page.

How do we find the best keywords for for your marketing campaign?

We find the best keywords to use in your campaigns using a few methods. We will research the top performing keywords in your niche using search engine keyword tracking software. This will give us a gauge of monthly search traffic for each keyword. Another way to find great keywords is to look up websites within your field. This can be advertisers in your city, state as well as other locations. 

What should you do prior to beginning your campaign?

Before you start your online marketing campaign there are few suggestions we have. First, be sure your website is running at optimal performance. Check all your links to make sure none are broken. Have an SSL certificate as well as GDPR policies, ADA policies and any others that apply to your type of business. 

Why is it important to keep adding content to your website?

This is important of many reasons. First, online visitors want to get as much information as they can about a product or service. Having an abundant amount of information on your website will keep them engaged. Second, the search engines love new fresh “unique” content.

What locations should I pick for my online marketing campaign?

This entirely depends if you are doing national or local digital marketing. There are several different ways that people search online for what they are looking for. Some search local, keeping their campaign directly in their town and the surrounding areas. Others will search statewide widening the amount of advertisers. Lastly a searcher might just search a product or service without a location. East of these options are good it just depends of the type of products or services you are providing.

The benefits of doing search engine optimization

This type of marketing has many benefits. Set aside the overall goal of ranking in the search engines for your desired keywords. Online marketing will also help brand your business. Internet marketing and company branding go hand in hand. 

How long does it take to see results?

If you’re wondering how long it takes to get SEO results, the answer depends on several factors. The chosen keywords and strategies, competitive landscape, budget, your website and much more. On average, small businesses can likely see some improvements within three months of launching their optimized site. If your website is aiming for higher rankings or more competitors are entering the market then it could longer before you start seeing tangible results. Search marketing definitely takes patience, but is worth the wait!

Cost of SEO?

The cost of search engine optimization can range depending on a few factors. How aggressive do you want to be with your campaign? How competitive if your target audience? How many locations do you want to contend with? These are a few key factors that will determine the price of online marketing. 

Not Seeing Results After Doing SEO

It is totally normal to not see results when beginning your online marketing campaign. It takes time for the algorithm to crawl your website and place you in the correct searches. Please be patient. Also, if there has been a recent algorithm update you can see some shifting in the search engines.

Do Search Engine Rankings Change?

One of the major drawbacks to the algorithms is the constant fluctuations. Search engines perform algorithm updates to better the results pages. This can cause a movement in your rankings. Most times the drop has nothing to do with your website. Do a website review to be sure that everything is working properly. 

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