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Banner Design.

Long Island Trade Show Banner Design

Banners are one of the most effective ways to market and advertise your company or product as their purpose is to capture the attention of an audience and almost burn its message into the minds of that audience. As with all forms of promotional marketing and advertising, the goal is to reach the greatest number of people, leaving a lasting impression, and ultimately causing consumers to want to know more.What makes displays such impressive forms of advertising is that they have the unique ability to almost DEMAND attention, solely by existing – they seem to SCREAM out LOOK AT ME!, thus focusing consumers attention on your company’s name, logo, and presence. Banners also remain one of the most practical and functional elements of advertisement because:

Based in Lake Grove, NY
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Folow us:
  • Can be ordered in any size imaginable, from the size of a piece of paper to the size of a billboard, if need be.
  • Can be designed to hang almost anywhere and can be taken down in a moments time.
  • Will be custom designed with any picture, logo, graphic design, words, fonts, and colors. There is no limit to what can our designers can create or our specialist can print.
  • Can be ordered in variety of materials – ranging in cost, durability, and functionality.
  • Can be reused, simply roll them up and store them away for the next big event.
    We can help set up for your event in Suffolk or Nassau County

USING CUSTOM BANNERS IS LIKE PUTTING A SPOTLIGHT ON YOUR COMPANY! Showcasing to the Masses – Tradeshows and Tradeshow Paraphernalia With industries of all kinds booming and competition growing each year, trade shows are becoming more and more popular.  Tradeshows provide businesses (within the same industry) a great opportunity to showcase their work, services, products, and more, to a mass amount of people at one time.  Tradeshows bring in thousands; if not tens of thousands, of people/consumers, offer the greatest amount of public exposure, which is primary goal of marketing and the key to the future success of your business. Whether you have a tent or a large booth, Long Island vinyl banner company, Benjamin Marc can help you turn your tradeshow space into the ultimate marketing showcase.  From table cards or pop-up tents to stickers, magnets, signs, or presentation boards… Benjamin Marc can create a tradeshow space for your company (with custom paraphernalia), like no other.

Because custom displays and all other forms of tradeshow paraphernalia represent your company, services, and product, Benjamin Marc guarantees to capture the true essence of what your company stands for, while fervently conveying the message you are looking to send to the general public and consumers.  As with everything we do, all banners and tradeshow items are custom designed and ordered.  Therefore, with the help of our marketing specialists and our expert team of graphic designers, Benjamin Marc not only guarantees 100% customer satisfaction, but that all of your products will be show-stopping, attention grabbers.  Each and every item can be custom designed with your company’s name, logo, slogan, and/or other pertinent information and our marketing specialists will work with you one-on-one to identify your target audience, the message you are looking to convey, and the image you are looking to present.

Can you use my own font, logo, drawings, graphics, etc. on the banner or other items?
We would be more than happy to incorporate anything of yours onto your banner or tradeshow items.  Your project manager can discuss it in more detail, but as long as it can be scanned or emailed to us, we can work with it.  (We do respect copyrights)

If I don’t have a logo or trademarked design for my company name, can Benjamin Marc help create that?
If you are looking to re-invent your company’s image or even to put your imprint in the business world for the first time, you have come to the right place.  Benjamin Marc is a full service graphic design and marketing company, which means we have an expert team of marketing specialists to help develop your image, incorporating your own visions and goals.  Our talented graphic artists will then create and design a logo that represents you and/or your company in every way.

I do not have a clue what should go on my banner or how to make it stand out.

That’s okay!  Benjamin Marc’s marketing specialists will work with you to determine what kind of audience you are looking to target and what message or image you are looking to display.  From there, together, we will come up with something that is professional, unique, and eye-catching.

What if I want to use something for my tradeshow that was not mentioned on this page?
Call us! One of our Long Island trade show banner experts at Benjamin Marc will be glad to assist you.  If you can think of it and have seen it or found it, we can make it happen.  Our resources, talents, and ambitions know no boundaries!  Although we do not put everything up on our website, we worked with hundreds of companies and been a part of completing the designing of and printing on almost everything.

What kinds of companies has Benjamin Marc worked with on tradeshows display’s?
You name it – we have probably worked with a company in almost every industry.  Some of our clients include companies in the following industries:  pools, asphalt/masonry, chimney sweeping/repair, roofing, import/exports, dry cleaning, exterminators, and more.

What is the cost?
The costs varies, according to many different things, such as the type of items ordered, the size of the item (especially in regards to banners), the quality of the material(s), the number of items, the amount of work required to complete the project, outsourcing for items, as well as whether or not you require any of our other services.  When you meet or speak with your project manager, he/she will be happy to provide you with a more detailed estimate and work around your needs and requirements.