A graphic designers job is to use a visual form of marketing used to announce, sell, or persuade the general public and/or a specific audience.  The goal of the end product is to communicate a message to consumers, on a visual level, including banner ads, signage, web & logo design, etc.  It is the precise blend between art, advertising, and marketing.  In fact, some may consider graphics to be science in its methodology, due to detail and the need for precision. Benjamin Marc and our team focus on company branding and business identity. This means having your brand stand out among your competition, standing behind something you can be proud to show and represent. We work with everyone from small business to large corporations with one goal in mind. To develop a product that your will be happy with. So whether you are a doctor or a lawyer, a restaurant to financial we can help.

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The visual entities which are often incorporated into the process include pictures, letters or words, layout, and color scheme.  The science is in the balance of these elements, in order to create an end product which attracts attention, sparks curiosity, stimulates/provokes thought, and generates interest.  An Image-Based layout, the image can be that of a photographic picture, drawing or painting, or images created/generated through the use of a computer. 

Although words are important in conveying a message, it is a scientifically proven fact that images are loaded in their purpose and meaning.  Individuals remember images and respond to them much more than they do to words.  Therefore, it is critical to the success of conveying a message and effectively representing a business, cause, or message. There are several great graphic design companies in Nassau & Suffolk County, Why choose Benjamin Marc firm?
Reliability, Dependability & Customer Satisfaction! After creating a product for a client we like to establish a long term relationship where customer may utilize our other services. To do this, Benjamin Marc offers a complete line of printing, and promotional item services to fully convey your message, enhancing your name, cause, or business. 
The final step of a graphic designer is to display your new work. Below are samples of some of our latest clients, we take tremendous pride in our work and appreciate every customer, maybe your will be next.

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