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Architect Web Design

For any business to thrive in today’s highly competitive environment, it has to stand out. Good products alone won’t suffice. You have to think about leaving a lasting mark each time people interact with your brand. This is the step that Bello Architects have taken. As they gear up to take Long Island by storm with their excellent residential and commercial architecture services, they appreciate the need for robust marketing. This is why they’ve hired web design agency, Benjamin Marc to create their logo design, website and provide search engine optimization. Creating an Architect web design for an elite company like Bello Architects takes careful planning & execution.

Benjamin Marc Designs a Architecture Web Design

Bello Architects is a firm that wants to bring custom environments to Long Island through seamless designs and excellent craftsmanship. The company offers elegant and unique designs that capture its client’s hearts.

Our job at Benjamin Marc is to ensure that they’re able to build a brand that represents their vision. All this starts with the first visual element audiences see of any brand, their logo. However, beyond being visually appealing, a logo must reflect a company’s services and personality. To deliver this, we worked with Bello Architects owner Joe Bello to fully understand what the brand is about and the image they hope to create.

Another key element of modern-day marketing is a website. While most companies know this, they often get it wrong. This is because it’s not just about having a website but having one that can meet users’ expectations.

For Bello Architects, we’ve designed an innovative and elegant website. The first thing you’ll come across is the image of a house with a modern design, a well-maintained yard, and outdoor seating for relaxation. The image serves two essential purposes.

First, it gives the impression that this website revolves around housing. So, even if someone stumbles on the site accidentally, they’ll know what to expect. Secondly, given the excellent design and finish of the house, it captures the user’s attention. As such, you’ll want to know how you can get such a house, enticing you to scroll through the website to learn more about Bello Architects.

But, remember that even if a site is well designed and efficient, it’s still not effective without the right marketing. To ensure that Long Island Architects, Bello Architects gets constant and increasing traffic flow on their site, we’re also performing search engine optimization. With this, the objective is simple; to get the website and individual pages and posts to rank high search engines.

As you can see, at Benjamin Marc, it’s not just about offering services but helping clients excel.