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How Long Does It Take For My Website To Rank?

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How Long Does It Take For My Website To Rank?

The age old question, “how long does it take for my website to rank in the search engines? Every SEO consultation we get asked this question. Rightfully so, as this is one of the reasons why you hire a professional SEO company. The only problem…No-one actually knows. It sounds scary to hire a company that can give no definitive time period in which your website will rank. 1 month? 3 months? A YEAR? We try to be as upfront and give the best explanation we can when we take on a new client about these questions. There is a lot that goes into answering a time related questions when it comes to website placement. In this article we will explain what can help or hurt the ability to rank your website within a certain time frame.

How Long Does It Take For My Website To Rank?

1- Domain Age:

It is our opinion that domain age plays a role when it comes to SEO. In several cases our statistics show that websites that have older domain names take a shorter period of time to see online results. We have even seen circumstances when clients will purchase old domain names just to receive these benefits.

2- Content: 

Producing high quality content is one of our goals with our clients. It not only helps educate new and returning online visitors, it also can help rankings factors. We try to build separate landing page for each product and services our clients provide giving them the best change to have high quality content. Adding content such as text, photos, videos etc has shown to help the SEO process.

3- Penalties:

Major search engines update their algorithm from time to time to improve the user experience. They comb through the search engine looking for anything that can give a negative website experience. We have seen dips in websites that have had these problems.

  • Misspelled words
  • Poor Grammar
  • Non Secure *(NO SSL Certificate)
  • Not being mobile friendly

Most of the penalties that can attribute to poor rankings factors but be rectified thus getting the website back on track. We hope this article answered a few questions regarding the time it takes to rank.

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