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How To Rank For Multiple Keywords In The Search Engines

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How To Rank For Multiple Keywords In The Search Engines

Having an online presence these days is very important. People that are searching online want to find a product or service as fast as possible. Advertising your business using tactics such as SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing have become essential. As an SEO company we see analytical data that confirms how many hits come from different types of online sources. In this article we will show you how to rank for multiple keywords in the search engines.

As important as it is to have your business marketed on the above mentioned platforms it is equally important to rank for several keywords. What do we mean by multiple keywords? Simply put, certain business might have alternative keywords or phrases that describe their products or services. For instance:

A mortgage company might have several keywords to describe their business such as:

Another example is, take our agency. We have several search terms that are equally important. They are, but not limited to:

Now let’s talk about how we can apply multiple keywords into your marketing campaign.

How To Rank For Multiple Keywords In The Search Engines

1- Landing Pages:

Adding landing pages gives you the ability to add multiple keywords for your products and services. It also give you the opportunity to give more information about your company. Say you have exhausted the amount of keywords for one particulate page but you more phrases or locations you want to rank for. Our suggestion is simply to add more content. Adding unique content can help grow your website, your brand and give you those extra keywords you were looking to rank for.

2- Content:

Once the landing pages are created you should input quality content. Photos, video and text content should fill the pages giving your user a better understanding of what you are providing. Content writers are an asset for businesses looking to expand their brand.

3- Blog:

Blogging is another vessel for adding more content and more web pages. We love to blog regularly offering tips, news and anything that is helpful for our readers. Can you sneak in a few more keywords into a blog? Yes, of course you can.

We hope in this article you have leaned a few more ways to add keywords within your website.

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