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Questions To Ask New Web Design Clients

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Questions To Ask New Web Design Clients

As a web design company our main goal is to make sure that your online presence is solid. From your domain name to your hosting and the website itself. All basis must be covered leaving no margin for error. The more information we have about our clients the better we can service them. Below are some questions to ask new web design clients prior to starting the process. Still to this day we go through a checklist of items to ensure a smooth website launch. When these questions are answered you should have a better idea of what exactly your client is looking for.

Questions To Ask New Web Design Clients

1- Did you buy your domain name?

Purchasing a domain name is usually the first step in the website building phase. Be sure to buy the name yourself. Some web design agencies might offer to purchase it on your behalf but we advise against it.

2- Where are you hosting your website?

Where you host your website is very important. Web hosting plays a vital role when it comes to your website’s overall performance. Make sure the server is fast and secure.

3- What webpages will you need for your website?

When designing a website try to lay out a plan for navigating. We suggest building a webpage for all your products and services as well as administration webpages. As basic website navigation structure should go as follows:

  • Home
  • About Us / Bio
  • Contact Us / Request A Quote
  • Photo Gallery
  • Products
  • Services
  • Frequently Asked Questions

4- Do you have photos?

Adding photos to your website will help give your customers and clients visualization of your products and services. If you do not have your own imagery there are plenty of copyright free stock photos you can purchase.

5- Do you have content?

As we know content is a priority, especially if you are doing an SEO marketing campaign. Text, photos & videos count as content. The more high quality the better.

6- Are you doing online marketing?

We like to know in advance if a client is going to be doing SEO or PPC. We can prepare content and landing pages in advance while building the website.

7- Do you have social media setup?

While designing the website we can integrate social media links and feeds to keep your visitors engaged.

These are only a few questions to ask new web design clients. The more informed you are about your customers the more efficient you can work.

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