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Why “Near Me” Searches are Important

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Why “Near Me” Searches are Important

Remembering life before the internet seems so antiquated by today’s digital standards. For example, people used something called the “phone book” to find local businesses. All you needed was the ability to find something in an alphabetical directory. If you needed a local chimney company for a chimney repair, you’d look up the “C” listings, find the phone number, then call them on the landline telephone. Obviously, most of us don’t use the phone book anymore. Today we use keywords and a search engine web browser. You input “SEO company near me” in the search and then press enter to reveal numerous options for local companies. In no small order, the search engines erased the need for local phone book, leading to a marketing and sales revolution still unfolding. In this article you will find out why “Near Me” searches are important for your business.

Geo Location

Before the internet, local service and retail businesses had limited access to new customers. If you didn’t make the deadline to get your business listed in the local phone book, you were out of luck until the next printing.

As search engines evolved, the web crawling capacity started getting smarter. In other words, search algorithms are continually getting better at giving searchers exactly what they want. They displays local results using geolocation and keywords. Every device that connects to the internet has a specific IP address that is a physical location. The search engines uses this location by default every time you ask it something. Consult with an SEO company near you about GEO location and how it pertains to keywords.

Just Ask “…Near Me”

If you want to find a local mortgage broker, just ask the search engines to display near me results. Behind-the-scenes technology, is revolutionizing how businesses find customers. Digital business directories displays local companies at the top of search results.

Just like the phone book, you will need to implement all of your business information to get listed. There is so many more information you can put in your listing allowing visitors to learn a lot more about you.

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