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3 Important SEO Tactics

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3 Important SEO Tactics

As an SEO Company we have the pleasure of working with businesses from all types of industries. As time goes on the demand for businesses wanting an online presence has skyrocketed. Being that there are only 10 organic positions on each page of the major search engines we need a competitive edge to stay relevant. Every facet of your online presence must be on point. In this article you will learn about 3 important SEO tactics to help improve your rankings. If you are not doing SEO yourself you can benefit from hiring a web design agency, an SEO company and a content writer. Having these professionals by your side can help with your online growth.

3 Important SEO Tactics

1- SEO Content:

What is content? Content can be many things, photos, videos & text to name a few. How can this benefit your online rankings? When a search engine visits a website they index your content. Once your website is fully crawled and indexed they have no reason to return to it.  Search engines will continue to crawl your website looking for more content. If you increase the level of content on your website the more the search engines will return to index it. This can result in better positioning if done correctly.

2- Blog:

When should I blog? How often should I blog, What should I blog about? Blogging is a great way to get content out there for your readers and for the search engines. Our suggestion is to blog as much as you can. Whether that is daily, weekly or monthly is up to you and your marketing goals. It can be topics about your industry, company news, new staff or anything else that is newsworthy. The goal is to keep your online visitors engaged and interested in what you have to say.

3- Speed:

Why is website speed important? The better question would be, who likes to wait for a website to load? The an answer is no one. Poor website speed can be your current web hosting, not optimizing your photos or videos and much more. There are many tools online to check your website speed and ways to improve it.

We hope these 3 important SEO tactics have helped you!

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