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What is monthly SEO?

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What is monthly SEO?

SEO, social media marketing, pay per click advertising are some of the major facets of online branding these days. If you have a website and are promoting products or services chances are you partake in one of these. In our consultations some of the questions we are often asked is “What is monthly SEO?” What tasks are performed? We love to keep our clients in the loop when it comes to our marketing services. In order to have a good business relationship you need to communicate with each other. If we are providing monthly SEO for our clients we need to know how it is performing. All we can see is the traffic from our analytical software. We need to gauge if the traffic is resulting in calls and sales. Below are some of our monthly tasks that you can expect from our team for SEO.

What is monthly SEO?

1- Monthly Blogging

As part of our monthly SEO efforts we love to incorporate blogging. Whether it is weekly, monthly or even daily, blogging plays a vital role in website performance. You can use a blog for company news, industry topics or anything you find useful for you online readers. Having a blog gives you the ability to grow your website and keep online visitors engaged in your material.

2 – Social Media Marketing

Setting up and maintaining social media platforms is another monthly SEO task. Social media marketing such as posting is a separate service entirely that deserves major attention. Like blogging social media is a great way to post photos, videos and other content that is high quality. There are several social media platforms that we suggest you should have. Each one is unique in nature but very valuable for product and service promotions.

3 – Local SEO

Listing your business on local profiles is a great way for potential clients to get quick information about you. Share your Business name, address, phone numbers and much more necessary information about your company. Reviews, photos, discounts can be listed as well. Local SEO is an ever growing portal for your business.

We hope you enjoyed reading “what is monthly SEO”, if you have any questions please contact us anytime.

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