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3 Reasons To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

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3 Reasons To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

3 Reasons To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

Whether you retain a full service digital marketing company or hire separate vendors for each task they both have pros and cons. What is a full service digital marketing agency? It usually means that the agency can provide several services within one company. Whereas some agencies just specialize in one. There is no good or bad one to choose, it’s simply preference. Being a full service creative agency we have the pleasure of working with clients on several projects. These clients below are examples of 3 reasons to hire a digital marketing agency.

Benjamin Marc is proud to have built 3 new websites for clients who are now starting to reap the benefits of improved usability. We also created a logo design for several of the clients, allowing us to redefine their brand image online. The results are clean, crisp, and professional. This is what we aim for all of our customers.

Northeast Bridal

We created a new statement logo brand for Northeast Bridal. We then designed the website that is fashion-forward, aesthetically enthralling, and significantly on point for new brides. In the bridal industry, appearances matter, so our web design team worked hard to create a design that would instantly appeal to clientele while boosting overall SEO. As Long Island Mobile Hair Stylists, Northeast Bridal’s work speaks for itself, we just created an online existence. We are proud to announce that we are providing SEO monthly to boast online rankings.

Emerald City Plumbing & Heating

Another website Benjamin Marc was proud to launch was for Rocky Point Plumbers, Emerald City Plumbing and Heating. The client also commissioned us to design a new logo to help them stand out from other local plumbers. Not only did we complete this task, but we also developed a website that tells the story of Emerald City Plumbing & Heating and helps customers connect to the company.

United Energy Solutions

Last but not least, we created a solid new website for United Energy Solutions. The website was properly optimized to promote enhanced performance in the search engines. We used engaging imagery and staggered text to help tell the story of what United Energy Solutions has to offer thier clients. Throughout the website, we utilized integrated on-page and off-page SEO tactics to help make them more competitive online. The result is a stunning visual website that organically performs better in search results, increasing the company’s overall online visibility.

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