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3 Web Maintenance Tips

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3 Web Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your website should be a task that is done often. Whether your website is your main vessel for marketing your business or not. It should still be done. Hiring a web design agency who can maintain your website regularly is advised. Throughout the technology era websites have become more and more popular as a way to bring in new business. Advertising methods such as search engine optimization and pay per click marketing are among the most favored. In this article we will give you 3 web maintenance tips that you might not be paying attention to. We feel they are necessary for the overall health of your online visibility.

3 Web Maintenance Tips


This applies to the people who build websites in WordPress. WordPress is a great way to build your website. The flexibility and usability that it gives you is endless. Not only does WordPress keep up with the latest levels of tech, they have so many plugins that give you new features for your website. Certain plugins are free and others you may need to pay for. As technology progresses updates may be necessary. When an update becomes required you will get alerted. In the plugins section of your website it will tell you what needs to be updated and why. Be sure to take a backup of your website and do the update if it applies to you.

Website Speed:

At Benjamin Marc we talk about website speed all the time. We have written several articles on this topic alone. Poor website speed can affect your SEO as well as your online visibility rating. Check your website often by using several speed testing softwares. Most softwares will tell you what you can do to make your website run faster.

Latest Versions:

Keeping up with the latest versions of WordPress is another feature to be maintained. Again you will be alerted to do the mandatory updates to stay compliant. Do a website backup first, then update the latest versions as they apply to you.

We hope you enjoyed reading 3 website maintenance tips and if you need assistance please contact us.

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