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3 Tips For A Professional Logo Design

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3 Tips For A Professional Logo Design

3 Tips For A Professional Logo Design

Creating a company brand takes the proper planning to do it the right way. First the research, then the game plan and finally the execution. It’s a winning strategy in business and also in life. Sticking to logo design, our hope is to educate you before developing your signature brand. Here are 3 tips for a professional logo design.

1- Picking out a name. Selecting a company name is the first step in starting a business. You didn’t need us to tell you this but just keep reading. To do it the correct way you will file a company name with the state that you are doing business in. That particular state will do a search and tell you if the entity is available. Once it is, you grab it and go.


Even though you may be able to register a business name and claim it, you should always do a domain name search prior to this. Just because you registered the business name doesn’t mean the domain name is available. For instance: The name of our company is Benjamin Marc Corporation and our domain name is Before you set the name in stone with the state do a search and purchase your desired domain name. You can do a search on any domain name registrar. is a very reputable one that is very reasonably priced.

2 – Picking a color. This question usually drives our team nuts because there are millions of colors in the RGB color wheel. So when a logo design client says blue. This is my reaction 😨. For a simple fix all you do is search online for RGB or CMYK color wheel and it will show you colors with codes. You the give these codes to us graphic design professionals.

3 Tips For A Professional Logo Design

3- Contract with your logo designer. Being a graphic design company since 2005 we come across so many different situations. Whether it is being ripped off, copyright infringement or just poor designing, we have heard it all. That’s why before you being working with a creative agency you should have a contract. Nothing major, just a scope of work is totally fine. This will secure both parties. Some examples of the verbiage to put in the contact would be:
Who owns the logo design or graphic once it is completed? Is the design the original artwork? Can I use the logo for my social media marketing campaigns? We hope you enjoyed 3 tips for a professional logo design and please come back to read more of our blogs.

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