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3 Tips For Redesigning Your Website

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3 Tips For Redesigning Your Website

3 Tips For Redesigning Your Website

As a web design agency we recommend to our clients that they redesign their websites every 3-5 years. The reason we suggest this is due to the ever-changing technology that is available to us. Redesigning and launching a new website can be very rewarding but also complicated. To do this successfully you must pay attention to key details insuring a positive outcome. We give our clients specific guidelines to follow when redesigning from conception to completion. There are several steps to do this but here are 3 tips for redesigning your website to help you along.

1-Mobile Compatibility. In the design stage of your website you must have the mobile usability feature in mind. Statistics show that a majority of users will navigate through websites on their phone or tablets. Making sure your website is mobile friendly is equally important as it’s desktop counterpart. Search engines also test the mobile usability and score it accordingly. Having an optimized website will insure a high score that can help you in your website rankings. We touch on this more in a recent blog post seen below.

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3 Tips For Redesigning Your Website

2-Take A Back Up. Prior to launching the new website be sure to take a back up of your old one. Store it for safe keeping in case you need to revert back to it. What we like to do for our clients is compress the old website and keep it on their server. After 6 months to a year we usually delete it off the server as the new website is fully rolled out and tested.

3-301 Redirects. This step might require a web design professional as it is very important. When we build web pages they get saved as several types of extensions depending on the format. For example if your website is built in html or php it may look like this:

Say the new website you are building is in WordPress and doesn’t require an extension: (Seen Below)


What you would do is do a 301 redirect from the .html/php page to your new page. The reason for doing this is that your old web pages are indexed in the search engines. Once you launch your new web pages although they might have the same content, images and page names, the extensions might be different. To a search engine they may deem this as a new page and mark it as duplicate content from your old website. Doing a simple 301 redirect will tell them that your old page is redirecting to a new webpage with the same content. If you no longer need a particular web page you can simply 301 redirect that page to your homepage or any webpage you desire.

We hope you enjoyed 3 tips for redesigning your website and feel free to contact us anytime.


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