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3 Tips When Setting Up Social Media

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3 Tips When Setting Up Social Media

Setting up social media seems pretty easy these days. Platforms have made it simple and fast to set up and maintain them. All you have to do is visit the website version or app, fill in some basic information and bam 💥 your live. Then what? What should you do once you set them up? Does it run itself? How often should you post? In a future blog post we will address all these questions. In this article we will give 3 tips when setting up social media platforms. Social Media is a great resource that can benefit you in so many ways. As a Long Island social media marketing company we can help setup and manage your accounts for you.

3 Tips When Setting Up Social Media

1- Secure Your Handle:

Before setting up your social media platforms we always suggest doing a search first. Search the search engines and social media putting in different variations of your company name. You never know who had the handle name or something similar prior to you. Open all the social media platforms that you are looking to join and try to simultaneously search and secure. Be sure to set the accounts up by adding all the pertinent information about your company. Business name, address, phone numbers, website, description and anything else that is important and you want your visitors to see. Try not to leave any blank fields.

2- Link To Your Website:

Once all your profiles are secure and set up you can add them to your website. If you have a web design company that can apply them to your website that would be helpful. Another great feature to add to your website is a social media feed. This will display your recent posts directly on your desired web page. You can set this feature to display every-time you post automatically.

3- Set Up All Platforms At Once:

Setting up all your profiles at once with help with consistency. If you set them up at separate times this will increase the chance that you might not receive the name you desire. If you join each account at the same time then customize your profile at a later date that is fine.

We hope you enjoyed reading 3 tips when setting up social media platform.

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