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Do you have multiple keywords for your service industry?

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Do you have multiple keywords for your service industry?

When marketing a business online you want to capture every opportunity to get new business. There are several different ways a person can search for something online. Most people will use a series of search variations until they find what they are looking for. Whether you provide products or offer services it is your job to have all bases covered. If you hire an SEO company they can help optimize your website for optimal highly searched keywords. Do you have multiple keywords for your service industry?

This is a situation that most of us that own businesses face. What does this mean and how can we be prepared for it? Having multiple keywords for your business is broken down like this. Say you have a web design company. Your online presence should be broken down into local and non local keywords. Below are some references to show you the difference:

Local Keywords:
Long Island web design company
Suffolk County web designer

Non Local Keywords:
Website design

Did you see that in the 3 keywords above the different variations that you need to be listed in the search engines for? Most businesses have a lot more than 3 search terms for their products and services. How can we fit them all in? Below are a few ways that you can expand your keywords to attract more searchers.

Do you have multiple keywords for your service industry?

1- Add Landing Pages:

How many keywords can you possible put on one webpage. If you are doing SEO correctly you don’t want to over saturate a page with tons of key terms. The goal is to sprinkle your search words in so your readers can understand your point and search engines won’t feel your too spammy. If you add separate landing pages for your main products and services this is a way to add more search terms. For instance:

Our logo design page:

2- Add More Content:

Adding more content to your website will give you more opportunities to add keywords. As you add content you can explain each product or service more in-depth.

3- Blog

A blog post can serve several different purposes. You can blog about industry and company news, and of course your products and services. Tailoring your blog post to a particular service you offer will give you another opportunity to add more keywords.

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