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How To Get Rid Of A Bad Review

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How To Get Rid Of A Bad Review

Getting a bad review online is never easy to take as a business owner. You can have hundreds of great reviews but once you receive a bad one it can do major damage. As a business owner we do our very best to avoid getting a bad review, but it happens. It seems that people are more inclined to write a bad review rather than taking the time to write a good one. What should you do if this happens. First off, people make mistakes so don’t beat yourself up about it. Read the review and see where you or your staff went wrong. Was it a product you sold, a service you provided? Before we focus on how to get rid of a bad review, let see where you went wrong. Whether you are a logo design company, a restaurant, dentist or any other business we are allĀ vulnerable to getting reviews.

How To Get Rid Of A Bad Review

1- Respond:

How you respond to a bad review is one of the most important things you can do. Can you rectify the situation? Is the business relationship salvageable? Luckily most of the sources you can receive good and bad reviews can be deleted or edited. Another great feature is the ability to respond to the customers leaving them.

Below each review is an area to interact with whomever gave you this review. If you happen to know this particular customer we suggest contact them privately before responding publicly. See if there is some way to rectify the situation. It is a better business practice to be on good terms with your customers. Reach out to them and see how it can be resolved. If you cannot contact them privately, kindly leave a response under their review explaining your side of the story. This shows potential readers that you are aware that there was a negative situation yet you are trying to be better.

2- Contact The Client:

Contacting your clients about a bad review is the best coarse of action in our opinion. They to let a little bit of time go by, then call, email or go meet them to see how this bad situation could have been avoided. There is no business or businessperson that is perfect. We can always learn from our mistakes. Understanding constructive or bad criticism is what makes us grow. By nature most people do not want to stay angry šŸ˜¤ . That’s why timing is everything in these situations. Pick your time, be nice and look to settle it. Once it is settled ask if they will overturn their bad review. 9 times out of 10 they will.

3- Learn:

Can you learn from a bad review? Yes! A bad review can show you something that you are doing wrong. Once you know it can be fixed. As business owners we are constantly evolving. Sometimes business owners cut corners. Cutting corners can lead to mistakes. A bad review might be something you need to get your business back in check. I know it sounds harsh but getting a bad review can actually make your better.

We hope this article has helped.

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