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How Important Is Call To Action On Your Website

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How Important Is Call To Action On Your Website

We all know the importance of a call to action on your website and social media marketing. First off let’s clarify what a call to action actually is. A call to action is a fancy way to talk about adding your contact information on your website. Simple as that! But you don’t know how many websites we come across that leave us searching for a way to contact them. This is the case for several big box stores & restaurants. So, how important is a call to action on your website?

Maybe in some cases hiding a call to action is their way of limiting contact between the public and the business? It seems really strange having a website with limited resources to contact them. As a web design and SEO company we feel that the more contact information we can display on a website without being redundant the better. Below are a few ways how your online visitors can contact you and where to put them.

How Important Is Call To Action On Your Website

1- Phone / Email:

The clear obvious way to have your customers contact you is your phone and email address. Having these listed at the very top of your website gives your customers a fast and efficient way to contact you. Be sure that they are both responsive so when someone is browsing your website on mobile they can click to call or email. We suggest adding your phone and email to the bottom of each page and on a contact or request a quote webpage.

2- Contact Form:

There are some pros and cons to adding a contact form on your website. Starting off with the pros, it gives the ability to contact you after business hours. It also gives you and idea of what the customer is looking for prior to an initial consultation. Whether you implement a button to pop open to a contact form or just embed it directly on the page both methods proved to be effective.

Now, let’s talk about the cons of having a contact form. In our several years of being web developers we have seen in some cases contact forms will just stop working. This can lead to significant problems if not caught immediately. As a website developer the last thing you want to hear is that a contact function of a website you built is not working. Contact forms must be tested constantly for tech bugs and this can be frustrating for web designers and website owners.

Another concerning problem to adding a contact form is spam. Spam bots love attacking contact forms trying to promote a product or service. Unless you have a security feature on your contact form it is a matter of time before the bots get to it. We have all seen these security features that make us click on boats or traffic lights, etc This can be a deterrent for someone looking to contact you.

3- Online Chat:

We believe that adding an online chat to your website is a great feature. In this day of modern technology chatting with a live person is so easy. As a website owner you can chat live with your customers directly on your cell phone, tablet or desktop. It couldn’t be easier. More and more we are seeing this feature become the prominent way to contact.

We hope this article has helped show the importance of several ways to call to action.

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