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What To Do When You Are Moving Your Business

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What To Do When You Are Moving Your Business

Moving your business is very exciting but can be very stressful. Being prepared for the move is very important and can help prevent future problems. This article helps answer the question, “what to do when you are moving your business”. Over the past few years several companies have been moving from their business office to a home office due to the pandemic. Although this may be an alternative that can save you time and money, is it good for the overall health of the business? Do you want clients in your home? Can you still focus on tasks knowing your family are steps away? Is it more professional to have a business location? In our opinion the statistics are 50/50. Whether you are moving from your home office to your business location or vice versa below are some tips you can follow to help you along.

What To Do When You Are Moving Your Business

1-Local Maps:

If your business is listed on local online maps be sure to updated them accordingly. It is very easy and only takes a few minutes. You can upload a photo of the new location as well to enhance the listing.

2-Pay Per Click Ads:

If you are currently advertising using PPC Marketing or sponsored ads and your ad lists your location, be sure to update it.

3-Update Website:

Be sure sure to update your website with your new address. Prior to moving you can post something on your website alerting them of the upcoming move.

4-Check Search Engines:

Check the search engines to see where you are listed. You can then update your location based listings to the new address.

5-Social Media:

If your social media accounts have links to your business address they need to be changed as well.

6- Direct Mail Marketing:

Prior to moving you can do a direct mail marketing campaign to update the local public of your move. Hire a graphic design company to create something eye catching to grab their attention.

7- Press Release:

Drafting a press release discussing the upcoming move can always help with the transition. The are plenty free and paid press release distribution companies that leave an excellent online footprint, thus helping you with branding and relocation.

We hope you enjoyed reading, “What To Do When You Are Moving Your Business”. Best of luck with your move!

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