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Web Design & SEO For Pool Builders

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Web Design & SEO For Pool Builders

Building a website for a pool company is a great asset to branding their business. Having customers browse through your website looking at your latest photos, videos and services offered is of upmost importance. Maintaining and providing SEO for pool companies is equally as important. As a web design and SEO company for pool builders we know that in some states there is a limited amount of time within their season. A Long Island pool company only has from February / March til September / October to sell, install and build pools depending on the weather. In this article we will give you tips for web design and SEO for pool builders.

Web Design For Pool Companies

1- Register Your Own Domain:

Hiring a web design or SEO agency for your pool company is highly suggested. The right agency can provide a plethora of valid information that can tremendously help your business. We have helped so many businesses move up higher in the search engines at affordable rates while increasing their online footprint. We will constantly make suggestions to our clients on how to better there overall web presence. Taking it back to the beginning with the registration of a domain name. This minor detail can cause a major impact if it is not registered correctly.

When you hire a website professional they have the ability to register a domain on your behalf if given permission. It seems pretty easy and rudimentary. But who owns that domain name after it is purchased? The web company or the pool company? A web company can certainly register a domain name on a clients behalf. But, while registering it they should name their client as owner in the registration details. We also suggest their is a written contact agreement stating who is there rightful owner of this said domain name.

To skip this work around we always suggest our clients register their own domain name to be safe. It only takes a few minutes and can be done on a mobile phone, table or desktop. Easy!

SEO for Pool Companies:

Retaining an SEO for pool companies is a very smart approach. Pool builders have a lot on their plate. From designing the perfect pool, to building it and maintaining it. Taking time to optimize their website can sometimes fall by the waste side. A dedicated SEO company for pool builders can constantly enhance their website to engage online visitors.

How can SEO help your business? People looking to install a pool might search for it online using popular keyword such as:

Keyword + Location

Here are a few keywords within your industry:

Long Island Pool Company

Swimming Pool Contractors Long Island

Having your business rank in the search engines for these key phrases may help bring new opportunities.

Logo Design For A Pool Company:

Creating a logo design for a pool company would be beneficial to help promote the brand. A catchy design will stick in the mind of your customers. Look into a custom logo design by a professional to make your company stand out.

2- Set up Analytics & Webmaster Tools:

Setting up analytics and webmaster tools are also beginning steps to any web design or SEO campaign for pool installers. This can be done by yourself or a web design or SEO company. Analytics will help you track and breakdown traffic sources. Location, keywords and time spent on your website are just some of the great features of an analytics software. Webmaster tools is a great way to see the health of your website. These 2 are a must for web design & SEO for pool builders.

3- Blog

Blogging is a helpful way to keep content growing. As a pool company there are many tips you can offer through blog posts. Keep your online visitors engaged by adding blog posts to your website as much as possible.

If you are looking for a pool builder web design and SEO company we are happy to assist!

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