Long Island Logo Design

Creating a graphic is the most important piece to starting a business. This company brand will be with you for as long as your business is around so it is important that it makes an impression. Our logo designers will create a identity for you that will be flashy and professional so that you will be proud to showcase it. We design custom graphics for small to large companies, corporations to medical practices, restaurants and everyone in between. Our main goal is to make your vision come alive! We design every product as if it was our own, for questions, concerns or to get started call 631-334-4359 today.


Custom logo designer

Although we design and create graphics for individuals and business of all kinds, we also have a solid reputation specializing in company logo designs.  In fact, we have an impressive list of past corporate clients whom we have designed for and worked with, as well as clients that we are currently working with/continue to work with.  Many of our corporate clients use Benjamin Marc for our other services, as well!

When it is finalized who owns it?
The ideas remain yours from the start, but the logo is officially yours once we have received final approval from you and it has been paid for.  Benjamin Marc cannot and will not duplicate or replicate your design, as you own it.  However, with your permission, Benjamin Marc may choose to display your company’s logo.  Not only is this helpful to us, but it is an extra source of marketing for you and your company/product. 

In what formats will the completed version be in?
Upon completion and approval, the client will be sent/given it the standard formats.  These include PDF, PNG, and JPG.  However, should a client request a different formatt Benjamin Marc will absolutely do whatever we can to accommodate our clients. 

What kind of information will my designer need to create my logo?
Most importantly, Benjamin Marc needs to know what kind of company or product the logo is representing.  A description of what the company does, the services offered, and/or what a product is used for, may be necessary.  You should put any and all ideas in writing, before the design process begins.  Lastly, we usually ask for 3-4 colors the client would like incorporated into the design, the company/brand slogan, and to supply us with a picture or graphic that should be incorporated or to be used as inspiration, if applicable.