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3 Important Accounts To Keep In Your Name

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3 Important Accounts To Keep In Your Name

3 Important Accounts To Keep In Your Name

Taking your business online is a process that must require plenty of attention. Whether you are building a website or doing social media marketing you must be protected. There are many steps to follow when beginning the process. As a web design company we advise our clients to doing certain steps on their own to ensure safety in the long run. When building an online presence certain accounts must be opened to begin your journey. You might hire a SEO company or a social media marketing agency that will tell you they can open them for you. We advise strongly against this. Here are 3 important accounts to keep in your name and why.

1- Domain Name:

Often times throughout the years a client would approach us to purchase a domain name in their behalf. Whether they had no time to do it themselves or lacked the necessary computer skills we were always there to help. After a few years we started educating our clients the importance of registering a domain name on their own. It only takes a short period of time and it keeps clients protected. A domain name is an inexpensive purchase that can be registered within minutes and by using a mobile phone, computer or tablet.

If you don’t have the support of an expert to walk you through, several domain name registrars give a step by step process to do it yourself. If someone else registers a domain name for you, they own it!🤔. Plain and simple.

3 Important Accounts To Keep In Your Name

2- Hosting:

Web Hosting is another service that should be in your name or you should have access to. You can host your website with any company that provides the service but be sure to ask for all the hosting codes. Usually it is FTP user name, password & port information. Be sure to connect to the server once the website is launched to be sure you have the correct information. Ask your web designer for a copy of the website and be sure to save it in a safe place.

3- Social Media:

Following the same practices as the above mentioned, social media accounts apply as well. If you hire a social media marketing agency to set up and maintain your accounts, ownership could be a discrepancy. To be fully protected you have 2 options.

1- Setup the accounts on your own and give them administrative access.

2- Have a contract prior to the set up process stating you are the owner of all the accounts.

If you are hiring a company to register your domain name, host your website and set up your social media platforms we suggest to have a fully executed contact.

We hope you enjoyed reading 3 important accounts to keep in your name. If you have any questions please contact us.

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