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3 Questions To Ask Your SEO Company

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3 Questions To Ask Your SEO Company

When starting an SEO marketing campaign it is suggested to have a list of questions for the company you are looking to hire. As an SEO company we answer tons of questions from clients that are necessary to establish a long term business relationship. Our team is dedicated to a high success rate for our clients marketing goals. Whether you are building a website, designing a logo or marketing your business online being as informed as possible about the process is highly suggested. Here are 3 questions to ask your SEO Company.

3 Questions To Ask Your SEO Company

1-How long will it take to see results?

The SEO process can take time depending on a lot of factors. Below are a few bullet points to help determine how long it will take for you’re website to start to rank.

  • The domain name age
  • The speed of your website
  • How often are you adding quality content
  • Quality Backlinks
  • Errors on your website

We generally tell our clients 6 months minimum to start to see positive results in the search engines. Being patient as your SEO agency implements quality content is important. Trust me the time is worth it.

2- What can the client do to help the process?

There are several things clients can do to help the SEO process. Helping your SEO company with content is a major benefit. Photos, Videos & text content are great ways to enhance the website and drive the search engines to re-crawl your website.

3 How does SEO help my business?

There are several advantages to doing search engine optimization. Company branding plays a vital role when it comes to SEO. Obtaining new clients is another bonus as well. If you hire the right SEO company and they are able to get you in the top positions for your desired keywords your traffic should increase. This can bring opportunities for your business to grow in a major way.

We hope you enjoyed reading 3 questions to ask your SEO Company.

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