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3 Web Pages That Are Essential For Your Website

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3 Web Pages That Are Essential For Your Website

3 Web Pages That Are Essential For Your Website

Your website should be one of your best selling tools. When someone visits your website they are opening the doors to your business. A website should have all the essential web pages that tell a story about your company. You never want your online visitors leaving your website still having questions about your products or services. As a web design agency we work with all types of businesses that provide a multitude of services. There are several commonalities that they all share when building out a website. Who, What, Where, Why and When. 🤔. In a recent blog post we gave 5 ways to add content to a webpage that applies to all businesses. There are a few more web pages that we feel are important when building out your website. Here are 3 webpages that are essential for your website.

As common as all websites can be they are also very unique as well. Some of the core common webpages are, but not limited too:

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Blog
  • Testimonials
  • Photo Gallery

3 Web Pages That Are Essential For Your Website

1- Frequently Asked Questions. Also knows as FAQ’s this page is one of the best for your customers that like to know all the vital information about you and your business. When someone walks into your business or you receive a referral it serves as an interview process. They asked questions and you give answers to the best of your ability. When someone is on your website your not given the opportunity to answer them verbally. But 🤔 your FAQ’s page can! Write out a full list of the most commonly asked questions and answer them the best of your ability. This will keep them on your website longer and also they will get to know you and the business.

2- Request A Quote. Giving the opportunity to request a quote to your potential customers is a must. I believe it personalizes your website even more. In your request a quote form just ask for basic information just to get the conversation started. This gets you one step closer to engage with a new customer. Some information you can ask for in your request a quote could be:

  1. Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. Email
  4. Type of service you are inquiring about
  5. Address

3- Products & Services. This seems so rudimentary but is often left off websites. Website owners commonly leave it off because it is expected for online visitors to automatically know all your services when on your website. 🤷🏻. For instance:

Benjamin Marc, we are a web design agency. But, we also offer

Adding a products and / or services page gives you the chance to list all your services so there are no missed opportunities. It can be as basic as bullet points listing the services or an in-depth explanation of each. That is entirely up to you. We hope that this helped answer any questions and gave you 3 web pages that are essential for your website. If you need help developing these pages please contact us anytime. Please visit us on Instagram for our full design portfolio.

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