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5 Ways To Add Content To A Webpage

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5 Ways To Add Content To A Webpage

5 Ways To Add Content To A Webpage

Adding more content to your web pages are beneficial for many reasons. First and foremost for your readers. Keeping your readers engaged is the optimal goal. The more information they have about your products & services the more likely that they will hire you. Content comes in many forms. It could be photos, videos, text and even audio. Content is also highly regarded when it comes to an SEO marketing strategy. Some statistics show that the more content that is on your web page, the longer duration a users stays on your website. Here’s the problem, how do you write high quality engaging content for each service you provide. Offering content writing as one of our services we struggle with this all the time. I have clients that are unbelievable in their industry. Most of them have been in business for decades. But 🤔, If you ask them to give content about their business, they sum it up in 1 sentence. What if there was a way to expand content by asking 5 questions. Who, What, Why, When and Where? Huh? 🙄. Ill explain. Here are 5 ways to add content to a webpage.

If you get stuck while writing it is ok to go back to the basics. Online users are on your website because they want to get to know the company that they are hiring. So, why not make it easier for them. If you apply these 5 questions to each webpage it will make it easier to add more content. You don’t have to put the actual words, who, what, why, when and where. These terms are just to give you ideas on what to write about.

5 Ways To Add Content To A Webpage

Who? Who owns the business, who founded the business, staff members, who invented the products you are selling. Here are a few ways to add content by explaining who people are.

What? What are you selling? Give detailed information about what products or services you are providing.

Why? Why did you start the business? Talk about reasons why you began, or why a product or service can help your consumer.

When? When did you start the business? Speak about when your journey began or when an employee started or even when a product will be shipped to a customer.

Where? Where is the business located?

The possibilities are endless. You can turn these 5 words into 100’s of different questions that will blend into high quality content. As an SEO company we know how valuable content can be so this is very important. We hope you enjoyed reading 5 ways to add content to a webpage.

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