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What Should I Post To My Social Media Platforms?

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What Should I Post To My Social Media Platforms?

What Should I Post To My Social Media Platforms?

Social media has come in to our business and personal life in a major way. It seems like every week there is a new platform that launches and takes over its predecessor. The first social media platform was created over 20 years ago yet it still seems like they are still evolving. Our statistics show that some new and existing clients still don’t have or post to their social media regularly. When we ask our clients why, the most common answer is, What Should I Post To My Social Media Platforms? In this article we will give you give tips to help you share some valuable business information.

1- Post Your Work:

No matter what type of industry you are in there is an audience for it on social media. Photos / videos are most commonly categorized by hashtags and descriptions. Posting a photo or video with a great description, tagging and hashtags can result in more traffic. Statistics show that posting several times per day can help build your online reputation and increase profile visitations. We know that this can be a difficult task but it has been proven to be worth it. Hiring a social media marketing company can help with hashtags research, posting, tagging and much more. Some popular photos and videos include in progress work, completed work, product shots etc.

2- Staff:

Do you like to know who you are working with? Everyone likes to put a face to a name. Posting photos of you and your staff helps your clients feel more comfortable in who they are working with. Each staff member has a story, a bio and a skill set. Posting these key features on social media can help business growth and company strength. Our suggestion is to ask permission to post.

3- Testimonials:

Receiving a testimonial means the world to business owners. Why not post it! When you receive a new review take a screenshot and post it. When others are satisfied with your services it gives new potential customers faith in your business.

Posting to your social media is not that complicated. If you need any help or guidance please check out our Facebook, instagram or any of our other platforms.

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