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3 Tips To Get Your Website SEO Ready

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3 Tips To Get Your Website SEO Ready

3 Tips To Get Your Website SEO Ready

Your website is about to go live! Congratulations! 😎. There are several things you need to do before launching a website. Whether you are going to hire an SEO company to start an online marketing plan or not, these are essential. Here are 3 tips to get your website SEO ready.

1- Images. In my opinion every website should be optimized for speed & content. But, some web design agencies fail to optimize each image. This is equally important for seo as it is for website speed. Search engines factor website speed into consideration when running tests on your website. When starting an SEO campaign we run these tests to determine what needs to be upgraded or edited.

In a recent blog post we discussed 3 reasons to optimize your images. One of those major reasons is for optimal SEO performance. In the article we discuss how to rename the images and crunch them down in size for maximum speed. This key factor can help you SEO game drastically.

3 Reasons To Optimize Your Images

3 Tips To Get Your Website SEO Ready

2- Content. Content is probably one of the most important aspects of SEO. Well written content writing gives you so many opportunities to improve your SEO status. First, you can add niche industry keywords within your content to help boast your website in the rankings.

Second, you can string sentences together with the exact question that your potential visitors are looking for. Finally, having enough content on a website gives you better representing for user experience.

3- Add a blog. Having a blog is a great feature to have regardless. Businesses are always growing. Blog posts are great way to keep your visitors informed on the latest information about your company.

We hope you learned something from 3 tips to get your website SEO ready. We would love to hear your comments and feedback or if you would like to review us, we appreciate it.

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