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Changing Your Business Name

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Changing Your Business Name

Welcome back to the continuation of 7 tips when changing business names. The next 4 tips will guide you what to do after you have successfully changed business names. For these steps it will help to have certain professionals through the process. An SEO company, logo design agency or freelancer & a blog content writer. Having these certain people around you will make this transition smoother while taking the burden off you and your staff. You can do these 4 tasks in tandem while changing your business name or at your own pace depending on your timeline.

Changing Your Business Name

4- Website & SEO:

Building a new website along with beginning an SEO marketing campaign can benefit you greatly. The faster you can get your name out there about the new business the better. Try to link up with a seasoned search engine optimization expert to help optimize your content for maximum results.

5- Logo:

A new logo for the business goes without saying. A logo designer can help you design your brand, pick out colors, fonts and more to construct your signature graphic. This logo can then be shared on your website, social media, press releases, blogs and much more.

6- Press:

Once the logo is designed, the website is launched, your SEO campaign is underway, a press release would be a nice promotion. A press release can do a number of things for your business. To name a few, it can get the word out about certain topics (Changing your business name), a new logo, new website etc. A press release can also be a source of a great backlink.

7- Blog:

A blog post is another way let your online readers know about this recent news within your company. Having a content writer draft a blog and press release is a great suggestion to help with production.

We hope the 7 tips when changing business names has helped you! Please feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns.

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